Saturday, 28 January 2012

Sherlock Holmes -game of shadows (i think)

So Friday . yes after the canteen poker party and yes after guitar (i will never go to the cinema again with a guitar) me and Dina did a promptu go to the cinema and watched
Sherlock Holmes.
Its ok. got a bit caught up on the plot dont actually know what happened only that they where fighting against Moriarti,they killed Adler annnd a lot a lot a lot of sherlock holmsy effects.

if you havent seen it yet be prepared there is a 10 min part with slowmo effects of them running in the woods.
i was a bit dissapointed with the plot, could have been more mysterious like the last one.
the funny parts were funny i must say :P

and i think the people sitting next to us where a bit annoyed a me and dina laughed and commented the whole thing, trying to untangle the french speaking parts and uumm kinda laughed through the sad part at the end.
everyone was sitting through it shocked and me and Dina where laughing because i said here come the effects .. :P
i mean seriously people the thing at the end every one knows it cant end like that!
its and American hollywood film they never kill of the main charachter.
the best actor in it was Stephen Fry as Sherlocks brother.
thats is all.
oh and Gladstone the dog :P

Monday, 23 January 2012

1 question to think about..

SO today i will leave you with one thought
IF you could choose between Simon Baker ,Patrick Dempsey and Jake Gylenhall
who would you choose?
you see its been troubling me since yesterday when i whatched a film with Patrick Dempsey and Reese Witherspoon DIDNT CHOOSE HIM BUT HER EX_HUSBAND !!!!! i was like WTF ????
soooooooo who  would YOU choose :P
ok for Dina she has the choice between 4 people cus she can also choosed James Franco :P

my choice would be SIMON BAKKKKKEEEEERRR
but you know thats me :D :P

Monday, 16 January 2012

Bored......and tired

I have come to my usual conclusion of being bored.... and its only monday....
Pretty good to start the week of by only having  3 hours of sleep. Going into school realising i forgot to send the new ppt to myself so first lesson i was working on that panicking i rushed somehting together oh well i also forgot the script to it FANTASTIC!
Dinas not in ;(
Im too lazy but i also have a History test today and i should actually read what im writting the test bout ......
Absoloutly thrilled not at All scared about standing infront of class with a crappy ppt. and infront of one of the most hardest teachers....... i have to speak for 10 min and i only have 2 mins worth of info so improv is going to be needed
GREAT GREAT..... (im being sarcastic if you havent noticed)

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

my new obsession Simon Baker!!!! :D

Soooooooo since Dina has an obsession that anoyes me to hell i choose someone whooooo i <3
<3 <3 <3 and i cant believe i didnt actually know his name only as Patrick Jane.  and my love for Jake Gyllenhall and Patrick Dempsey died.
And i started reading The Devil wears Prada aaaaaaannnnd gueeees whooo plays the part in the film ?!
yesss Simon Baker and he fits the part perfectly with his lovely curly hair :)))) and his AWSOME waist coats in the mentalist (yes Dina his waistcoats are awsome)and he has such a nice smile :D
and Dina new bet i bet you i ill find someone who looks like him and is our age (and if we whant to harden it there will be someone who will look like him and come to our school in the next 3 years) Bet on ?

actually my obsession has also made me watch the mentalist for like the past 4 hours and havent done any homework hmmmmmmmmmmmm but hes so yummy aaaah life is cruel