Friday, 10 June 2011


Well hello again to anyone whos actually checking the blog .
I think the worst part of the day is the morning. as you can see im not a morning person. But its just so awfull having to drag yourself out of your warm comfy bed on a cold day a get up and start a day that you dont even whant to do.Its just terrible and it takes you ages to wake up properlyyy Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh.

                                                       mornigs. seriously. suck .

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

cooking failure

Over the years i have come to one conclusion :
The funnest way to cook is with your friends. The way to ruin your cooking is when your cooking with friends.
Heres a kind of list of all the things me and my friends messed up:

a little blurry picture of the cheese sauce
  1. Apple crumble.  this looked pretty good when it was done but tasted crap.. we forgot to put in sugar a basic ingredient and also for some reason put in nuts that turned had expired.
  2. Mac and Cheese. and know your thinking how can you ruin mac and cheese ? weeell pretty easily the cheese sauce got messed some how we managed to put random ingredients in it and it just looked disgusting.
  3. Chocolate chip cookies.  These would have been great if we wouldn't have talked the time away and forgot them in the oven where they got seriously burned.
  4. Pancakes. Ok nothing actually was wrong with the pancakes we just decided it would be more fun to throw them at each other rather then eat them.
  5. Omlet. we managed to burn the whole thing and it took ages to scrape it out of the pan....
so just keep that in mind when your cooking  with friends you might not whant to eat what you made....

why why why the gym ?

The Gym . well what should i say ? the biggest enemy for most of us but the only ticket to getting fit and thin if you don't already do some kind of sport. and as we get closer to summer and beach most of us seem to battling with our self's. should we or should we not go to the gym ? on one hand its tiring and we could be doing something else during that time and it takes sooo much energy just to get there but on the other hand you get fitter, thinner, healthier and if you need an extra push think of the fit guys that are going to be working out with you ;P And if that dosn't get you going try convincing a friend to go with you it will be harder to cancel and more fun to be there and you can laugh the time away. The only problem is you might spend more time to talking then doing some work.

 But wouldn't it be easier if we didnt have to go the gym ? if we just said " I wish i was thin " and the next day you wake up thin. i think thats a wish quite a lot of us wouldn't mind seeing come true. Are there other ways of getting thin without having to go ? Well apparently there is there are pills but i'm not sure they work that well. There's also this AWESOME power plate that vibrates and it apparently gets your muscles to develope  it would be cool if this would work and all you have to do is stand on a plate 30mins a day it might actually. I'll get back on that when i try it out.  And there are loads of other things there's this tasteless tea i didn't get as far as seeing if it works because it tasted disgusting and if your really desperate there's an operation where they put a ring on your stomach and it prevents you from eating a lot but they only do this in final cases and they will  do a lot of tests  and examinations on you first to see if you really do need it.  But i think the only real way of getting what you whant is i'm sorry to say suffering and going to the gym.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

The beggining of begginings

Hey so this is basically my Blog that I've just started .
I mainly wanted to write a blog to improve my writing skills and to see if i should consider being a  journalist or not. It will probably be pretty random hence the name and have random postings on it, but i hope it will improve over time and ill finally learn how to use this site (pretty complicated compared to other social networking sites i must say) so i hope youll like the posts 
and now let the writting BEGIN !