Tuesday, 26 February 2019

NEW BLOG: Back In A Stitch

Hi Guys!
Long time no write, but I've been so busy with University, graduating and just generally starting my adult life. Because of this I've started a new blog related to my Freelancing work as a costume and set designer, also as a freelance social media specialist. (I know it's crazy, but in todays world you have to be good at everything to make even the tiniest amount for a living)

So if you are interested in Sewing or just want to keep up to date with any of my new crafts then you should follow me on this blog (back-in-a-stitch.blogspot) and I also have an Instagram, Facebook and Youtube account if you are less into the blogosphere (but then why are you here?)

Hope to see you there!!

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

unrelated - Aleppo

Aleppo man.

This is mental I cannot believe that something like this can still happen in the thing we call the "modern world". All western countries pretending as if they care for humanity. Yet what is being done?
Ever since being in Model United Nations I could see that it doesn't work, all these great gestures of humaritarian aid on paper are great.

but it's not enough. We all need to do something. we cannot sit here and just watch. We might seem like small influential citizens how don't have much of a say into politics but we do.

call your local MP.
it's frustrating that we are apart of this whole bureaucracy and other than actually going to Aleppo to help and put yourself in danger.
So what we can do now is spread the word, stand up, protest and call your MP to voice your concern.
its not much
but it's better than nothing.

I say this while siting in bed editing an essay that will mean nothing in the greater reality of the world. hypocritical yes. but i will be phoning and signing petitions in the hope that the UK gov will change their mind.

Hope they will finally act like this "great" nation they say they are. And not act on personal interest when hundreds are in danger.

stay safe


Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Easy Luna Lovegood Costume - Fantastic beasts


So me and the crew have got tickets for the midnight premier and we have decided to dress up.
As i have decided to go as Luna but have very little funds at the moment I have made these glasses out of card to put over my own glasses. Aswell as drew some radishes to stick on my earings (debating weaher to die my hair blonde.i have been thinking about  it anyway but I am too much of a chicken)

So i will just wear them a shirt,grey cardigan and a black skirt.

Now thats how you do a costume on a student budget ;)

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

bed fort

It's that time of year again. Coursework is piling up, nights are getting longer, the weathers near freezing and with snow coming this way today the best way to handle it all is by building a bed fort with fairy lights.

As i can't stick things to the wall... I have simply tied scarf onto the curtain rod. I have also put up a string from my pin board all the way to the wall (oops) to attach the other sides of the scarfs with paperclips. And then just flung fair lights on top. 

easily collapsable for inspections, but great to hide out in and getaway from the table of stress.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Dobby ears

So halloween (as well as pub crawls) approach this month!
With a Harry Potter theme going and very little time and money decided to whip together this Dobby outfit.
(sorry the pictures are not aesthetically pleasing/ Pinterest like the lighting is not magnificent in this flat nor do I currently posses the equipment)

You will need:

  •  2 xA4 nude? light pink? card (60p - paperchase)
  • 1 A4 card (any colour it is for a template)
  • 1 hairband (£1- poundland)
  • glue gun
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • pen
  • sellotape

1. On the plain card copy the template (will be linked at somepoint), draw your practice Dobby ear, and cut it out. 
2. Try folding it and sticking it together to see if it makes desired shape

3. draw round the template onto both of the coloured pieces of card

4.cut along lines and fold in. Stick with sellotape / glue gun

7. Using the glue gun secure the side flaps of the ear onto the headband by folding it over 2 times.

8. Draw the inner ear design on with a pen

the only full photo I actually found of the outfit

Tuesday, 11 October 2016


Hello all!

While there has been a long radio silence it does not been I have been idle!
Quite a few projects have been made just simply not posted on the blog but hopefully they will be making their way towards you soonish.

Also Halloween is upon us this month with it (hopefully) coming three new low budget cool costumes 

keep crafting!

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Eurovision Party

Eurovision finals are tonight so I thought I would throw a small gathering for the event. As usual it is amidst exam month and as well as near the end of the semester so budgets are small. For this reason here are some small cheap crafts you can do in your halls of residence, without damaging the property to get into the Eurovision feeling.

1. Eurovision logo on door. 

If you have more time to be neat. We used an A4 sheet of paper and watercolours. Ruler advised. 
Logo can be found on the official site. or to make things easier just print one out!


one thing Eurovision always has is Sparkle. So if you have the money invest in ALOT of glitter.
(or reuse some tinsel to drape around the place)


 As we were tight for time we decorated the flat with these flag buntings. 

4. Drinks

If time look up some typical beverages of certain countries for the night. Or as its a warm day and Russians contestants are high on the bookies list we have decided on Oreo White Russian ice lollies for the night. 
5. Costumes
If you can convince the guests, everyone should draw a country from the finals who they have to full heartedly support (even if they do not) and showing their support with dressing up. Be inventive
or just take a shower in glitter.

6. Scores.
Keep a huge poster on the wall with all the contestants of the finals. Guests can then after each performance rate the song and then see who got the winning contestant right at the end!

7. Music
Make an epic playlist of past Eurovision songs till the show starts and for the after party.