Saturday, 31 December 2011

Have a crappy new year !!

So it is safe to say this years new year will be crap
like all the other new years so far that i have spent in hungary.
this is usually not because the people who come are boring
but because we keep on going to boring places where you cant really enjoy yourself
i useually go into my newyears depression like 2 hours before midnight but lucky me
it attacked me as soon as i saw the hotel and the people in it. So iv decided to camp out in my friends room and do my homework. The only thing fun in this day is getting ready. But itherwise there no point, it forces you to think back a year and see what youv achieched

so this just takes you into a deeper depression,you start thinking where am i going in life ?
i have no idea, probably nowhere

is there a point of life?
somewhat yes,when its not newyears

so i have come to the conclusion not to ever go with my parents again enywhere on newyears but instead spend it at home or out partying cus i can not staaaand one more of these depressing new years days

Friday, 23 December 2011

Last minute hand made christmas presents

Soooo i know i'v hardly put any christmas things up so i thought it would be time.
this quite a good idea. i made one for a load of people in my class. and you dont even have to be that creative to make all you need is a jar and coloured paper, glue,scissors.
and biscuits preferably home made. :)

You can personalize the jar and be creative! you can see the ones i made for ideas. then when your done fill it with cookies. so dont forget to clean the jar out before you decorate it.
on the lid of the jar you can write a personal note. or maybe a short version of the cookie recipe.

Monday, 19 December 2011

nom nom nom

soo its monday again sucksksssssss
at the moment im struggling with idiotic photoshop and worrying as i have a big physics test next lesson
and i dont know anyyythiiiing nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
and Dina start writting on your blog or do photoshop and stop reading in lessons :P nom nom nom
even if you just told me that your finsihed


. :P

Friday, 16 December 2011

Background trouble

So again the time has come to change backgrounds for a more festive mood so the blog will be undergoing work until iv found one i like so
my apologies for the constant background changes

The art of randomness


Top 10 christmass songs (Robin csak neked :P)

Sooooo we've been having a who knows what christmas song in class for a while ans i thought it would be easier to post the songs here and make a post out of it then sending them over facebook so heres my top 10 christmas songs :) enjoy  (btw they are not in order i could never decide)

1. Baby its cold outside (this version is by glee)

2. Fairytale of newyork-pogues

3.All i want for christmas is you - mariah carey

4.  Zat you santa clause - Louis Armstrong 

5.  Frosty the snowman

6. Were walking in the air - the snowman (i love this cartoon and the song is so pretty reminds me of when i watched this when i was small)

7. it may be winter outside- dunno :P

8. Shake up christmas- train

9.Carol f the bells XP

10. white christmas- Bing Crosby

and just to have an 11.

chrsitmas lights - cold play

Ok and theres a load more that i could post that i love
and since i had fun doing this im going to make another one sometime :D

Thursday, 15 December 2011

class chanuka

Soooo like every year we did the whole hanuka thing ( secret santa) but this is only the year group one where usually people put minimal effort in buying the present. annyyy wayy similary to last year i didnt get to stand up in the circle and get a present. as like last year the person i had to give it to was sick. But luckily unlike last year the person who got me WAS in Hooraaayy !! but he had to leave early so i found out who pulled me which was a bit of a bummer and i got my present earlier than everyone so again there was totally nopoint of me going to this whole thing. Unlucky for Dina as she didnt get a present because the person who i pulled out is the one who pulled her out :L
anywayy i got a christmas recipe book with mostly desserts (as im kind and always bring in cakes that i make at home) and a box of ferrero roche which everyone attacked and the whole thing disapeared pretty quickly. IM reeeaaaaaaaaaaaalllyyy waiting for the Mentor one because the people in my group put more effort into getting something funny or good and the whole thing is usually reaaaaalllyyyy funny.
my mentor group is awsome  but there going to split us up :S but we still have half a year left to enjoy together...
my recipe book .. backwards :P

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Cosy up with wool this winter

So Winter is definatly in and its time to get those big old wooly jumpers and dresses out. Mainly dresses !
the best way to stay warm but look good is to get an awsome knitted dress. Theres quite a lot to choose from luckily so you can make sure it suits you . thick wool, thin wool ,V-neck , Turtle neck.
Personally thick wool and turtle neck dresses dont suite me.  So far i spotted the best ones in H&M but also a Stradivarius, Mango and Zara.
I also decided to design some just because i felt like it. so here they are :)

OK the first one is a design i got from H&M i actually tried it on :)  its a long knitted jumper with a gorgeus design in it. it has buttons and it comes in this mustard colour. underneath on the model (i tried the whole ensemble on because i had an hour to waste) is something i call a teacher dress. its a grey knitted wool dress but it was quite itchy its really well designed making you look slimmer.

the second dress is something i would like. thinly knitted. iv only seen something like this in a few places. and it somethimes comes with a thin material belt. AND WEAR IT WITH UGGS!!!!

Now the first one here is something i have. its a finelly knitted dress. and this as well makes you look slimmer and it greatly accents your hips. Its another H&M design. i wear it with a black belt. Im still debating the tights colour and weather i should change it to leggings as the dress is a bit short. but it looks faboulous with high heels. im a bit afraid to wear it to school , might get teased by the year group below.(yea not my own class the guys in my class like me so they simply tell me if im wearing something weird and that maybe i should wear it differently :P)

The second one is also a H&M piece. but i have it in grey even though i quite liked this sailer style one. its comfy and soft and its big so it hides my belly.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Dead sea

This is NOT for every body.
i am pissed at myself for going in.
the shoe is rocky and painfull.
when you go in its painfull.
when yoiu try to come out and cut your legs on the rocks it is painfull
when you try to fing yoyur flipflops on the rogks it is painfull.
when they put stuff on your leg to make it better it is painfull.
At least it didnt go into my eyes but i expect it is painfull.

The whole thing is simply



Y ou might have already read this on Dinas blog icus generally the readers of her blog view mine as well becuase of my skilled commenting :P

So this was at our Jerusalem hotel in the garden me and G started acting out and singing the whole of Chicago.
If i can say i think we where pretty awsome thank you very much.
we'd actually been re enacting chicago the whole day at the playground because it was we where singing and dancing when suddenly we hear whooping aand uuuuumm lets just call them comments .. coming from the balcony. but we carried on.
and it continued. Then theese guys started coming down and we were like DAMN run for iiitttt.
but they said they come on peace. and he was the one who was playing the guitar in the lobby so we thought we'd try to get it from him.
but he umm wanted something in return .. anyway we found out they where assholes but still pretty funny and we whent up cus they wouldnt give us the guitar. to havdala.
in which time we found an other guy to admire through the window. so we sat down there and waited for havdal there instead :P


Bat-Yam beach

that is all i can say

thoose who where there will know what im talking about :P hillarious....

best night ever we should have stayed there longer the one night :PPP

im crying from laughterrrr .......XD

this is where i got obsessed with the lego house song .. and i still am

the unlucky sun glasses (yes Dina im talking about yours)

So we where in Tel.Aviv and we kept on stopping in these little boutiques on our way to the market (it took us an hour to get to the market) And Dina bought these sunglasses (i found these really pretty blue ones but they didnt suit me). We found the market at last but we only had 30min to look around (Dina was wearing the glasses) And we nearly missed the bus.

In our 3rd hotel the one we where in that night everyone tried on the glasses and broke into song. When it was mine turn i felt a dance coming on :P i shuffled out the room , B shouted something , what i should act out on the corridor and thats when i saw our tour guide out there so i ran back as quickly as i could but my favourite blue and white stripped Hand M shirt got caught in the hadle and rippedthe whole whole thing .

So i changed.

But this fight started with our room and someguys. its to long to explain it. i was writting a postcard on my bed when we heard the widows oppening we where sooooo freaked the guys climbd i n with water pistols and we ran in to the toilet and bath room theybroke in and we got soaked ... and so did my charger luckily it didnt get damaged.

over the day everyone who tried the sunglasses on something something unlucky happened to them.
we wanted Dina to burn them in the camp fire in the desert but she wouldnt let us :P

uum yea

So that was actually my only proper full diary entry the other ones are pretty small and written in bullet points and i cant find the programe plan which could remind me what we did each dayy hmmmmm
so the next one are not in order


So i have my diary out. ( iwas asked to write one to help my wording) and its lucky i had to cus reading it im reminded of a load of stuff iv already forgotten we did soooo much in these 10 days . So the 28h was the first full day and we where up north near Tiberius. Sooooo let thisss begiin

We had to wake up at 7:30 (Israel time)which is like someone hit me with a hammer. When i looked out i saw the awsome view (theres  a picture in the earlier post) There are Orange trees and palm trees out front and you can see a bit of the Galil lake (which we thought was a sea until we got corrected)We whent down there after breakfast and it was beautiful.

Our first stop was Tiberius cus they forgot to give us time to change out money. And most of the houses are built ofblack bricks. At the moment where snaking up a long roadon the Gollan mountain and i swear the bus is too big  for this. Easing our consiounc they said if we fall of we might fall onto some syrian mines FUN! not... I can actually see car bits down in the valley below :S

we stopped at the top and it was Freeeeeeeeezing luckily we only had a kodak moment:P
next stop was an apparent light walk which turned out to be a three hour hike. it was fun  at the begining with the whole lets see if we fall into a river or fall of the cliff and lets jump on the stepping stones and there where some really nice views. but after a while it just got anoying mostly when there where hardly any branches to hold on to. to keep you from falling in the water. And on some rocks you had to sit down to climb of. there was even a place with stuck in handles where i thought i wuld die if pople wouldnt of helped me where i should hold on. when we finally got to the waterfall it was packed and cold. only 3 peeps swam. and then we had to climb up. 4 people nearly fainted (we had an early breakfast) and we didnt get a snack and it was around 2 so we where all starving.

I  have to sit nxt to L uugh boring . Robin is on my other side and hes reading no talk to him then and dinas behind me but shes also writtting .....

Finally we had food!!! at Burger ranch mmmmmm it was sooo good. Of course our table got it last....
and we couldnt take out chips and drink on the bus :S
Checking out Bal√°zs-s pictures he took some pretty cool ones of me crossing the river:P

we whent to see this fiilm about biblical democracy .. the kids in it was weird ...but other wise the whole thing was done pretty well and its park with the ruins in it was pretty ..
 Ok now we whent to see some kind of Yom Kipuri army bunkers. And we watche da film as wel. Freeeeeeezzzziiinnggggl here.
Now back to the Hotellll!!!!!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Israel pictures :)

Setting the mood

Like every trip this one also had a few songs that if i'll listen to it will always remind me of israel since we generally only listened to these 5 songs here are the others

Bruno Mars- Marry you

Foster the people- Pumped up kicks

Ed Sheeran- Lego house

ooh and also welcome to st. tropez but i already posted that

Israel Intro

So im finally sitting here with nice hair which took me an hour to untangle using 3 hair products to get the beduin tent dust, the dead sea salt, and my not bothering to brush my hair when i dont feel well out. I have huge dark circles under my eyes still even though i slept 48 hours. Iv lost 2 Kg and its all gone of my face. I represent a zombie. There are still deep gashes in my leg which i acquired at the dead sea and my legs are still blue (from my jeans) , also random blue spots have appeared over me but i dont remeber injuring myself there and it dosnt hurt when i press it. My face is also interesting by the fact that it has random sun spots on it. The themometer is telling me that im below normal tempreture 34C .
Is the Universe trying to tell me something?
anyway till death comes ill just keep on blogging and when he does ill make him read it all and only then can he take me :P (i got the last bit from the film we watched in art  history where a guy plays chess with death cus he dosn't want to go. but i have absolutely no idea how to play chess)

Saturday, 26 November 2011

All packed and ready to go

Ok so im not actually all packed i still have 2 things left but they havent dried yet....
but other wise im done and really really really excited :) im pretty suprised at myself, it took me 5 hours to pack ... it was sooooo long and boring . so of course i got distracted which just made it take even longer ...... stupid mirror... and interesting stuff in my room ..... btw when i say mirror i dont mean it in a vain way i mean it like "noo i have a zit on my face," "damn my eyebrows are weirdly shaped "...
ok so as you can see this post dosnt have any real kinda bored... im watching t.v.......

i should calm down and do something usefull

getting ready for israel :D

ok so tomorow where of to Israel with our class yeay!!!!! so today is going to be about packing and buying things i havent got yet. im like super excited and im generally jumping about in the house :) iv started charging my camera collecting stuff around the house . i have this feeling like im going to forget something... soooo i wont be able to blog for a while but after i-ll do a big israel thing. and maybe if theres internet in the hotels ill write mini posts from the only problem is im starting to lose my voice and im getting a cold which isnt good cus I CAN NOT BE SICK !!!!

and a little party music simply great for hiperactive moments like this
welcome to st.tropez :D

Monday, 21 November 2011

No point

Its Monday again wwwwwoooopppp !!

not ........
Seriously my monday timetable sucks theres no actuall point of coming into school for me we dont even have proper lessons i mean our only actuall we have to pay attention lesson is Literature.... So i wouldnt have to come in till 12 and then maybe stay for p.e afterward but then again i hate p.e  so i wouldnt.
Im tirrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeddddddddddd first double lesson is baisically a 2 hour facebook or do what you whan ton the internet since i always manage to finsh the i.t project pretty quickly.
i dont actually know whats up with me i seem to do stuff pretty quickly like friday. I finished my histroy 2 hour exam in 45 minutes awnsering all questions fully and knowing everything (ok i dont know the resaults so it might be pretty crap) whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy are mondaysss sooooooooooooo boring .............. i also have to go to this thing where they tell us about israel and what we have to bring (oh yea where going to israel :D ill have a lot to blog afterwards :D )
ok im not going to bore you people anylonger im guessing noone actually read till the end
if you did  write a comment :P  it can be random and not to this topic

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Breaking dawn Review

Soo On friday i whent to see Breaking dawn part 1. I thought it was just going to be one of thoose twilight films that you forget the second you leave the cinema since nothing really happens in them. And the actors somehow think that the people there supposed to be acting out dont have a personallity or something and  so the film turns awkward. An that is how it started of.Bella trying to walk in high heels and her wedding and it was all awkward ......and then the honeymoon .. Ok that was pretty funny oh and the speeches at the wedding where hillarious.And then the exiting bit began belle got pregnant and this is the part i thought would be really boring bellain pain for 2 hours but NO! it actually got interesting there was tension and exitment even though i already knew what was going to happen and the wolves where fighting. and then i was worried they where going to endit in a crappy spot but THEY DIDNT!!!! it was awsome ! heads up at the end dont go out wait for a bit cus theres and extra volturi bit put in during the credits !!!!! soooo going to watch the next part !!

Thursday, 17 November 2011


Procrastaration is when zou dont whant to do something so you keep putting it of like me at the moment
as i should be learning history but instead im youtubeing and found these awsome harry potter puppet pals simply pure comedy heres one of mz favoeurite ones and its really hard not to qoute the whole film

Simply dieing
"I asked lily Evans to dance she asked me to die. "
"the orange one drank my elixher "
omg hillarious rolling on floor laughing ,you all have to watch the rest there all pretty hillarious

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Katy Perry - The One That Got Away

i know, i know, im sharing way too many songs and i know no one likes when i do this cus you can look at songs on youtube but watevs iv run out of things to say (ok i havent there just too long to write down) :) cus there are a few experiances that i have still to right like my little trip the shopping centre in the middle of nowhere with really creepy people and an underground that could litterallz break down or mallfunction any minute but later on that ...... :P


Sooo today i was watching t.v (sorry haven't written in a while but been kinda busy) So watching t.v and mz mum shoves a pack of sardines in my face saying look at this! look at this! o copletly freaked out cus there where dead fish right infront of mz face and started shouting eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwww leave me allllllloooooooooooooonnnneeeeeeeee!! and then shes like look at it closer and i looked at the box and it said sardines en chocolat au lait :P but the sardine look seriously real... and so does the packaging ...anyway i ate one and mmmmmmmm they are real chocolate after all .:D but seriously its funnyyy

Rihanna - We Found Love ft. Calvin Harris

my new love, i heard this song like billions of times while shopping it seemed like which ever shop i went to this would be on. :)

Monday, 7 November 2011


Today is monday DUN DUn Dun Dun........ (that was supposed to be a dramatic thing)
anyway so where back to school after a week of halfterm holliday and it already started of pretty crap.
i got a locker and i cant open it :S well everyone who got a locker cant open it ... itt sucks i whant to put my things in......and i just realised i have a history test todayi kinda studied but i also realised i have an arthistory exam which i totally forogot about..... and now i have a double free period because i finished everything in I.T
also if you know any good experiments concernig heat for pysics it would be appreaciated as i alwas supposed to come up with one for today. as you can see i generally forgot school existed this holliday and i am totally not prepared .......

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Quite dieing on ME!

So yet again my jeans have died and i swear this is becoming a bit of a pattern and i seriously think i should become like one of my class mates who never wears trousers only skirts.
So im pretty pissed now adays anything i by seems to break or get ruined pretty soon i bought a jumper 2 months ago i wore it 3 x and it already has like 6 holes in it and im pissed.
I dont get why they lowered the quality of clothes and shoes it might be cheaper but if you think about it 1 fake converse is around 4000ft in deichman now a fake converse last around half a year. So every half year 1 fake converse. A real converse can last for ages if you take care of it so ading up it might be cheaper to actually buy the expensive thing and make it last forever then buying a new thing every half year which in the end will be much expensive in the end. So its worth to pay for quality
that is why im saving up for emus or uggs. then going to deichman and buying 5x cheaper but it wont have real sheep wool in it and it will die in 2 months
ok ill probs cave in cus itll take a while to save for a 400 euro shoe....
but ill get back to you with that


so as you probably see i'm going through the twilight saga pretty quickly. I'm pretty surprised at  myself as well.  It does waste a lot of time. but  at least i read it on the public transport so i'm not bored there. but it gets in the way of studying like now. . i do have my cousins over but they like to nap. so i have few ours  but i simply cant put down that stupid book. well now im on breaking dawn but watevs. So
eclipse had also weird moments and its always when Jacob and Edwards in a conflict .Ok there was minimal conflict but Jake kissed Bella and Edward didnt really care he was like "if you want to be with him you can." Like WTF ?! he dosn't even put up a fight or get pissed? like now its still like "if you want to be with him you can, but you can also choose both of us "...
again i was like what the hell at least bella had a normal response as well..... and then Bellas like i love Edward but i love Jacob too  . Seriously make up your mind women ! so anyway shes now pregnant with a vampire baby again pretty weird and shes still like i still love jacob but i love Edward  OMG pretty anoying and just kill the damn baby if its killing you ! ok im sorry im getting really worked up about the book and i still have to read on i have no idea where this ibsession came from its like i love anoying myself. so i no probs nones going to read my lovely book report :P but its fun the vent about something online

"Nobody Canna Cross It" Twanging (Refix Video) - Dj Powa

So on thursday i was invited over to a party and it was simply hillarious . besides me there was only one other girl so most of the jokes where pretty guyish but it was still really funny. Anyway while we where playing activity this song well remix of a flood report was our obsseshion and i still cant get it out of my head so enjoy :D

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


i like waves that is why it is my background
i was debating between waves and clouds but waves won


New moon

So anothe update
iv just finshed the second twilight saga book
and i have to say it wasnt as good as the first. i missed Edward and Bellas suffering just bothered me like GEt over him.... and then Edward nearly kills himself and then we discover he actually still loves bella and that he was suffering during there break up as well LIKE WHAT THE HELL! then why why why didnt they just solve it and it would have saved like 200 pages and i wouldnt of had to read 500 pages of bella suffering. ..... kinda anoying but Jacob became a werewolf Yeay :) there cool. but im still going to read the 3. and 4th book cus im an idiot and i already read it once but iv forgotten the plot an because i like the other characters like emmet and alice. I dont actually know why im doing this to myself like i just wasted a whole day reading and im going to do the same tomorow ....weel i wont have that much time luckily......

Monday, 31 October 2011


So todays Halloweeen YEAY so theres lots and lots to do
cooking and decorating and im not exactly sure ill finsih it all in time.
so im out
tell you bout it tomorow.
Have a HAppy halloween where ever you are :)

Sunday, 30 October 2011

how to make: halloween hanging ghosts

So out of all the ingenius :P things iv made i have to say this is the most awsome of all.

you will need:
  • alluminium paper 
  • tissues
  • string
  • pen

 1. first cut a medium square bit of alluminium foil and a long bit of string. place the string into the middle and scruch up the foil into a ball.

2. put a small hole into the middle of the tissue and thread it threw to cover the ball.

3. now all you have to do is carefully draw some eyes and maybe a mouth on it and then you can hang it up :)

How to make: halloween Bats

soo these dont look that good on these pictures but if you do this properly they will look simply awsome
what you will need: 
  • aluminium foil
  • scisssors
  • black card
  • pen
  • sticky tape.

So cut a mediummsized square of aluminum foil a scrunch it a bit to make a shape like this.
then tie some string on. and scruch up the side into 2 small balls one being bigger then the outher to make the head and body.

Then this is the part i left out but cover it with bits of black paper.

Then fold the card and draw wings and an ear not cutting the folded part cut it out and then stick it on the bat and voila !!!
you have a hanging bat!

halloween bags

So these are paper bags that you can use for many things mainly trick or treating but im going to use them for a game in the forrest the name of it is Feed the Monster all they have to do is throw bits of small paper shaped like sandwiches into the "mouths" of the monster. Oor you can use the mouth bit as handles like these

How to make: halloween candle holders

soo here are some lanterns i make every year to light up the drive way
what you need is:
  • jars
  • crepe paper
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • sticky tape
  • annd tea lights

  1. So firstly wash out the jar and put it in warm water to sok of the label on the outside if there is. Then lay out the crepe paper.  Measure the height of the jar and how long the paper should be then cut it out.

 2. Choose what you would like to draw on like i stayed with the traditional jack o lantern style but you can draw stars and anything be creative then cut it out.

3. Simply stick on the crepe paper with sticky tape and then drop the tealight candel in and put it out side.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Voting continues

sooo theres been a tie in the picture background contest
so ther voting continues but just for these two picture so please vote even if you voted the round before
picture 1

picture 2

Adele - Someone Like You

i simply lover this song and i love Adele i think shes simply fantastic, also demonstrating that you dont have to be thin to be pretty

Friday, 28 October 2011


well this is a book i read like 3 years ago and since i didnt have anything to read today i thought i reread it in a Halloween spirit and see if its as good as it was the first time. and i have to say it is. iv already read 200 pages and havnt watched any t.v. and i have to say it is because this book is simply ingenious. the plotline isnt even that good, just  simple girl meets boy story. Except you can seriously relate to the characters (well girls can) and it pulls you in. Bella is a shy, clumsy girl who cant really fit in anywhere and baisically everyone expericed this at least once . and the whole thing where your not supposed to like someone cus they probably dont like you or for other reasons it s all a typicall highschool scene anyone can imagine them selves in and then it drops into the best part ever what every girls thought from the age of 1. prince charming rides in on a white horse. Edward Cullen, has the looks and the things and personalities people would fall for, funny, mysterious,extremly good looking. And that is why it has been such a success as this book baisically describes everyones (well most peoples) dream life
well i think you could leave the vampire stuff out i mean why become a vampire when you could choose a werewolf? who lives just as long but can decide to die if youv had enough and you can always be human? ok iv gone of the subject and the last book dos get a bit weird with the whole Jackob falls in love with Bellas daughter like wtf ?! theres like a 20 year year gap .... weird
anyway i still loovvvveeeee the books (the films i have to say arnt that good but thats my opinion)
and im goingggg to keeep on reaaaaddddiiiinnnnng :D

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

How to make : origami paper bats for halloween

ok i made a super cool comic strip for this but it wont let me upload damn blogger :S
but otherwise here it is the non cool way (sorry its not really understandable this way)

you will need :
  • Origami paper Black or any colour if you whant a rainbow bat :)
  • scissors
if you whant to hang them up then:
  • string
  • Bluetack or sellotape

 1. lay out your square piece of paper white side facing up

2.  fold it again  then open it.

 3. open one side a bit like this
4. then with your finger push the middle in and fold it over the repeat ith other side steps 3 and 4 till it looks like a triangle.
 5.fold in the top flap and do the same to the other side the top cut out ears but dont cut them of and dont cut into the folded bit.
 7.fold down the head
 8.turn over the bat and fold backinards
then turn it back over and fold out the bottom to make the feet

see below l

Monday, 24 October 2011

Halloween party games (traditional )

OK the most traditional haloween gmes are Apple bobbing and doughnut eating.

Apple Bobbing

So for this game (if you dont know it) all you need is a large bowl full of water and apples.
Also a hair tie is usefull . The aim of the game is to fish out an apple bye dunking your face in the water and catching it with your mouth and then lifting it out. Your not aloud to use your hands.
you could make a competition out of who manages to do it the quickestl.
WARNING : you may drown if you  dont come up for air so please come up for air
Hanging Dounuts 

k for this game you need dohnuts per person. Tie a string to each dohnut the tie the dohuts opn to a line.
each person has to stan d infront of their dohnut with their hands behiOnd there back. (to make it harder you can also be blindfolded) the first person to eat their dohnut wins!!

How to organise : a halloween party

This is for everyone who gets stuck on organising.
1. Find a date which is good for you and otheres (preferably when theres trick or treating going on in your neighborhood)
2. write a guest list and invite the people you whant to
3. Decorate ,Decorate, Decorate (all im saying that this is for a quieter party not load dancing disco party)
4.Choose a scary film
5.choose what you would like as food and on the day make it.
6. plan games and mazbe plan out a murder mysterydinner or a running around game in the dark with clues and maybe a treasure map.
7. On the day lay out the clues, hang out the decorations, cook the food and get dressed
8. maybe put some scary music on.
9. Go trick or treating and then..............

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Saturday, 22 October 2011

How to make: an apple crumble

Weell i have to say this is a really good recipe for winter and autumn and the perfect desert for ye olde english supper. sooo

you will need :
    • 500g eating apples
    • 1 tablespoon caster sugar
    • 6 tablespoons water
    • 100g plain flour 
    • 100g wholemeal flour
    • 100g butter or margarine
    • 90g brown sugar
1. Wash the apples peel them then chop them into cubes and put them into a medium dish. Then ad the water and sprinkle on the caster sugar.  Then turn on oven to 180C

2. Put the 2 kind of flours in to a bowl and and chop up the butter into cubes.

3. using your fingers rub the butter into the flour till it looks like bread crumbs (image 3.) then add the brown sugar and do the same thing

4. Pour the mixture over the top of the apple. smooth it out evenly and put it in the oven. Bake it for 45min till the top is olden brown also see if the apples not soft put it back for another 5min. When its done wait 5min until it cools down.

5. then serve with (if you want to) vanilla ice cream or whipped cream or custard.

( the final picture of when its ready will be added in 30 min)