Monday, 31 October 2011


So todays Halloweeen YEAY so theres lots and lots to do
cooking and decorating and im not exactly sure ill finsih it all in time.
so im out
tell you bout it tomorow.
Have a HAppy halloween where ever you are :)

Sunday, 30 October 2011

how to make: halloween hanging ghosts

So out of all the ingenius :P things iv made i have to say this is the most awsome of all.

you will need:
  • alluminium paper 
  • tissues
  • string
  • pen

 1. first cut a medium square bit of alluminium foil and a long bit of string. place the string into the middle and scruch up the foil into a ball.

2. put a small hole into the middle of the tissue and thread it threw to cover the ball.

3. now all you have to do is carefully draw some eyes and maybe a mouth on it and then you can hang it up :)

How to make: halloween Bats

soo these dont look that good on these pictures but if you do this properly they will look simply awsome
what you will need: 
  • aluminium foil
  • scisssors
  • black card
  • pen
  • sticky tape.

So cut a mediummsized square of aluminum foil a scrunch it a bit to make a shape like this.
then tie some string on. and scruch up the side into 2 small balls one being bigger then the outher to make the head and body.

Then this is the part i left out but cover it with bits of black paper.

Then fold the card and draw wings and an ear not cutting the folded part cut it out and then stick it on the bat and voila !!!
you have a hanging bat!

halloween bags

So these are paper bags that you can use for many things mainly trick or treating but im going to use them for a game in the forrest the name of it is Feed the Monster all they have to do is throw bits of small paper shaped like sandwiches into the "mouths" of the monster. Oor you can use the mouth bit as handles like these

How to make: halloween candle holders

soo here are some lanterns i make every year to light up the drive way
what you need is:
  • jars
  • crepe paper
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • sticky tape
  • annd tea lights

  1. So firstly wash out the jar and put it in warm water to sok of the label on the outside if there is. Then lay out the crepe paper.  Measure the height of the jar and how long the paper should be then cut it out.

 2. Choose what you would like to draw on like i stayed with the traditional jack o lantern style but you can draw stars and anything be creative then cut it out.

3. Simply stick on the crepe paper with sticky tape and then drop the tealight candel in and put it out side.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Voting continues

sooo theres been a tie in the picture background contest
so ther voting continues but just for these two picture so please vote even if you voted the round before
picture 1

picture 2

Adele - Someone Like You

i simply lover this song and i love Adele i think shes simply fantastic, also demonstrating that you dont have to be thin to be pretty

Friday, 28 October 2011


well this is a book i read like 3 years ago and since i didnt have anything to read today i thought i reread it in a Halloween spirit and see if its as good as it was the first time. and i have to say it is. iv already read 200 pages and havnt watched any t.v. and i have to say it is because this book is simply ingenious. the plotline isnt even that good, just  simple girl meets boy story. Except you can seriously relate to the characters (well girls can) and it pulls you in. Bella is a shy, clumsy girl who cant really fit in anywhere and baisically everyone expericed this at least once . and the whole thing where your not supposed to like someone cus they probably dont like you or for other reasons it s all a typicall highschool scene anyone can imagine them selves in and then it drops into the best part ever what every girls thought from the age of 1. prince charming rides in on a white horse. Edward Cullen, has the looks and the things and personalities people would fall for, funny, mysterious,extremly good looking. And that is why it has been such a success as this book baisically describes everyones (well most peoples) dream life
well i think you could leave the vampire stuff out i mean why become a vampire when you could choose a werewolf? who lives just as long but can decide to die if youv had enough and you can always be human? ok iv gone of the subject and the last book dos get a bit weird with the whole Jackob falls in love with Bellas daughter like wtf ?! theres like a 20 year year gap .... weird
anyway i still loovvvveeeee the books (the films i have to say arnt that good but thats my opinion)
and im goingggg to keeep on reaaaaddddiiiinnnnng :D

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

How to make : origami paper bats for halloween

ok i made a super cool comic strip for this but it wont let me upload damn blogger :S
but otherwise here it is the non cool way (sorry its not really understandable this way)

you will need :
  • Origami paper Black or any colour if you whant a rainbow bat :)
  • scissors
if you whant to hang them up then:
  • string
  • Bluetack or sellotape

 1. lay out your square piece of paper white side facing up

2.  fold it again  then open it.

 3. open one side a bit like this
4. then with your finger push the middle in and fold it over the repeat ith other side steps 3 and 4 till it looks like a triangle.
 5.fold in the top flap and do the same to the other side the top cut out ears but dont cut them of and dont cut into the folded bit.
 7.fold down the head
 8.turn over the bat and fold backinards
then turn it back over and fold out the bottom to make the feet

see below l

Monday, 24 October 2011

Halloween party games (traditional )

OK the most traditional haloween gmes are Apple bobbing and doughnut eating.

Apple Bobbing

So for this game (if you dont know it) all you need is a large bowl full of water and apples.
Also a hair tie is usefull . The aim of the game is to fish out an apple bye dunking your face in the water and catching it with your mouth and then lifting it out. Your not aloud to use your hands.
you could make a competition out of who manages to do it the quickestl.
WARNING : you may drown if you  dont come up for air so please come up for air
Hanging Dounuts 

k for this game you need dohnuts per person. Tie a string to each dohnut the tie the dohuts opn to a line.
each person has to stan d infront of their dohnut with their hands behiOnd there back. (to make it harder you can also be blindfolded) the first person to eat their dohnut wins!!

How to organise : a halloween party

This is for everyone who gets stuck on organising.
1. Find a date which is good for you and otheres (preferably when theres trick or treating going on in your neighborhood)
2. write a guest list and invite the people you whant to
3. Decorate ,Decorate, Decorate (all im saying that this is for a quieter party not load dancing disco party)
4.Choose a scary film
5.choose what you would like as food and on the day make it.
6. plan games and mazbe plan out a murder mysterydinner or a running around game in the dark with clues and maybe a treasure map.
7. On the day lay out the clues, hang out the decorations, cook the food and get dressed
8. maybe put some scary music on.
9. Go trick or treating and then..............

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Saturday, 22 October 2011

How to make: an apple crumble

Weell i have to say this is a really good recipe for winter and autumn and the perfect desert for ye olde english supper. sooo

you will need :
    • 500g eating apples
    • 1 tablespoon caster sugar
    • 6 tablespoons water
    • 100g plain flour 
    • 100g wholemeal flour
    • 100g butter or margarine
    • 90g brown sugar
1. Wash the apples peel them then chop them into cubes and put them into a medium dish. Then ad the water and sprinkle on the caster sugar.  Then turn on oven to 180C

2. Put the 2 kind of flours in to a bowl and and chop up the butter into cubes.

3. using your fingers rub the butter into the flour till it looks like bread crumbs (image 3.) then add the brown sugar and do the same thing

4. Pour the mixture over the top of the apple. smooth it out evenly and put it in the oven. Bake it for 45min till the top is olden brown also see if the apples not soft put it back for another 5min. When its done wait 5min until it cools down.

5. then serve with (if you want to) vanilla ice cream or whipped cream or custard.

( the final picture of when its ready will be added in 30 min)

Ambition is the murderer of success

 This is a quote from Barney stinton who is LEGEND wait for it DAIRY !! ok if you dont understand this let me explain he is a character from a sitcom called How i Met your Mother and it is AWSOME  anyway he usually makes up these random qoutes and rules but this is one that i have to agree with as its the most reflective of my life at the moment i have too big an ambition at the moment i have put out these goals that i should achieve but instead of achieving them im getting worse and worse i cant even get my average achievments anymore so i have given up becuase ambition kills success so i have lowered my ambition to a minimum and my success at things is going up again . so thank you Barney for making me realise :P sorry this is really random but ya know its the title of the blog XD

 also heres a song cus it is simply fantastic and i cant get it out of my head

Adele- some one like you

Friday, 21 October 2011

Cat in the Window

How to make a halloween spider web

so as i'v promised im posting a few Halloween stuff. this is the easiest of all. And for every one who dosnt whant to buy spider webs in the shop all you need is :
  • Black or white wool
  • sticky tape or blue tack
1. figure out where you would like to put it e.g window and the middle of the spiderweb. Then cut a few longer strips to make the base of the web and stick it on.

2. Then mesure out the lengthbetween the strips but make sure you add on extra because you dont whant to stick it in a line but more with a droop in it.
3. go round nd then continue gong inwards doing the same thing (i know the instuctions arnt that clear but if you look at the picture it will be)

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Doctor whoooooo ?

I know i said i would only post halloween stuff and i will I PROMISE i will post more .. later...
but till then i have to tell you about something else
Doctor Who  its the ongest running british t.v series and its sci-fi but all non sci-fi lovers love it too . its about a time travelling timelord called the doctor. Hes time machince is disguised as a blue police box (there is an episode where you find out why) he usually has a girl companion (at the moment its a couple called Amy pond and Rory williamson) an episode is usually about them going to a different world or a different time period usually something goes wrong (mostly because of wrong doing aliens) but the doctor saves the day! the best part in this series it never has to end since whenever the doctors in really big trouble he can regenerate and he'll look completly different making it a whole lot interesting but thats all from me the rest will be explainde by theese guys

im sorry the whole video uploading thing dosnt work for me so i can only link :S

another video to get you interested :D

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

tourné agouche au ádroite ?

so i have just realised that i have messed up my french test which is really anoying... mostly cus the test wasnt really clear we had to fill in sentances about our school and which way to go and the whole thing really depended on which way your facing so i thought you face the  other way and i turned left and started writting down all the stuff on the side of the primary school instead of the senior school which means i messed up 3/4 of my test and this was the test i wanted to prove to my teacher that i DO study and that i am NOT an idiot just simply tired by the time we get to french lessons so for now ...

aurevoir (i hope i spelt it right :P)

1 day later . Sooo i got a cinq :D (also known as a 5 which is awsome cus i messed it up but she didnt realise i doupt o got a 5 for oral cus i keep forgetting to change the verb oooh weeeelll :P but im still happy happy happy )

Sunday, 16 October 2011


The Art of Randomness is giving YOU the chance to vote on the next background for the blog you can see the picture on the post below and you can vote on the side
but be quick voting finishes on halloween day (31st october) if you dont like any and would like a different one you can suggest it in a comment.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

A slow life (vote on the best picture)

so i had to take pictures for my art history project about action and action lacking things and i really liked my action lacking pictures and i'v had a little fun and changed the colours and if you want vote on the one you like the most so i could use it as my background here.

the original picture no.1
picture no.2
picture  no.3
picture no.4

Thursday, 13 October 2011


Ok so yesterday was interesting at was Amazing and crapy and depressing all depending on which point you look back at. Any way we have a long weekend again dunno why but its good finally get to rest .. OR NOT! because the teachers dont whant us to rest. Thought id cach up on drawing for my atr exam but as it turns out im going to be studying the whole long weekend let me just write down everything i have to do by monday (and a little reminder for my class if theyv forgotten to write it down.
  • 9 chapters of history to revise for test on monday (we only had 2 lessons this year)
  • physics essay on anything phyicsy 1.5 pages
  • Art history essay on traditions in south America 1.5 pages or ppt. presentation
  •  Art history essay again or pictures,song or poem on action and non action things
  • art history random assignment
  • Presentation on Roshhashana
  • Chemistry mini test cus of everyones bad results
  • Physics test for same reseon (i actually got good results on both tests but watever)
  • French test again for our class not "studying" for our french lessons
  • Maths hw. 3 pages of equations FUN not....
sooo i better get started dunno if anyone can even do all this in 4 days ........

Monday, 10 October 2011

Mondays Suck!

Iv only been in school for an hour and it already sucks we have ICT and exel is so hard we have to do formulas in formulas and i just spent a whole 1 and a half hour trying to figure one out :L and in 10 min were going to have a physics test nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! i know i said that i like physics but i hate test but im clever :P so i.ll probs be able to finish quickly. wre also starting history today wich means a LOT of homework
ok i know this is of no interest to anyone but i think most people in my class have the exact same thing on their minds ................

Thursday, 6 October 2011

How it should have ended

These guys are awsome HISHE make youtube videos about films and how they should have ended and the make a really good parody out of them the best i think is the Harry Potter, Startrek and the inception one  you havvve  goot to watch ittttt...
sorry i can only linkthe videos it wont let me upload them but they are seriously funny :)

How Harry Potter should have ended:
How star trek should have ended:

Sunday, 2 October 2011

THeres a HAND in the PUNCH !(for the halloween party)

This is a Pretty cool drink. You can do this with anykind of drink as long as its red. I mixed a Lemon drink like Sprite with redcurrent.
1.You need Rubber gloves turn it inside out cus they have that powdery stuff in the inside(please dont use an old used rubber glove)

2.fill it with water the tie a not on the end so it dosnt spillout .

3.then place it in the freezer for a few days (till the party).

4.on the day of the party make the drink in a big bowl then take the rubber glove of and you will have an icscube shaped like a hand floating in a drink that looks like blood.

It was a really big hit and every one loved the idea :)the pictures arent that good.
The fingersss

and the hand (it looks better in real life)

How to make : halloween paper chains

So if you dont feel like buying paper chains and things to decorate your room but feel a bit more creative heres some stuff you could do :

What you will need:
  • Coloured or white paper
  • scissors
  • Sellotape or pritstick
  • pencil and coloured pens


1. Decide how high you whant to make thethings e.g i made a ghost chain and i folded anA4 paper lenght wise . then cus it in 2. then decide on the width. then fold the paper in a fan fold ( fold,turn over,fold,turn over....) 

2. Draw the thing you want on it but the designed has to touch the sides of the paper other wise the design wont work when you unfold it.

3. cut the shape out but becarefull do not cut the sides or it may fall apart. then draw faces or decorate it. if you whant to make the chain longer repeat steps 1 to 3 .

4. when youv made more stick them together with glue .

5. if you want to hang it up you could make hangers for them by looping string then sticking it on the side.

 you dont have to make a ghost you could also make skulls or cats or pumpkins or anything else....