Monday, 24 October 2011

How to organise : a halloween party

This is for everyone who gets stuck on organising.
1. Find a date which is good for you and otheres (preferably when theres trick or treating going on in your neighborhood)
2. write a guest list and invite the people you whant to
3. Decorate ,Decorate, Decorate (all im saying that this is for a quieter party not load dancing disco party)
4.Choose a scary film
5.choose what you would like as food and on the day make it.
6. plan games and mazbe plan out a murder mysterydinner or a running around game in the dark with clues and maybe a treasure map.
7. On the day lay out the clues, hang out the decorations, cook the food and get dressed
8. maybe put some scary music on.
9. Go trick or treating and then..............

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