Monday, 24 October 2011

Halloween party games (traditional )

OK the most traditional haloween gmes are Apple bobbing and doughnut eating.

Apple Bobbing

So for this game (if you dont know it) all you need is a large bowl full of water and apples.
Also a hair tie is usefull . The aim of the game is to fish out an apple bye dunking your face in the water and catching it with your mouth and then lifting it out. Your not aloud to use your hands.
you could make a competition out of who manages to do it the quickestl.
WARNING : you may drown if you  dont come up for air so please come up for air
Hanging Dounuts 

k for this game you need dohnuts per person. Tie a string to each dohnut the tie the dohuts opn to a line.
each person has to stan d infront of their dohnut with their hands behiOnd there back. (to make it harder you can also be blindfolded) the first person to eat their dohnut wins!!

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