Tuesday, 25 October 2011

How to make : origami paper bats for halloween

ok i made a super cool comic strip for this but it wont let me upload damn blogger :S
but otherwise here it is the non cool way (sorry its not really understandable this way)

you will need :
  • Origami paper Black or any colour if you whant a rainbow bat :)
  • scissors
if you whant to hang them up then:
  • string
  • Bluetack or sellotape

 1. lay out your square piece of paper white side facing up

2.  fold it again  then open it.

 3. open one side a bit like this
4. then with your finger push the middle in and fold it over the repeat ith other side steps 3 and 4 till it looks like a triangle.
 5.fold in the top flap and do the same to the other side
 6.at the top cut out ears but dont cut them of and dont cut into the folded bit.
 7.fold down the head
 8.turn over the bat and fold backinards
then turn it back over and fold out the bottom to make the feet

see below l

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