Tuesday, 20 October 2015

2015 halloween costume

Clue to what one of my costumes for this year will be, it's not even a clue if you can't guess from that I am deeply disappointed. So the upcoming crafts next week will be related to the costume!

just deeply fangirling I have a shirt. as well as disappointed in me for not making cpt. Janeway's shirt ah well another time.

Wonder Woman halloween costume

Being back at uni has left me with an unbelievably large amount of coursework and very little time to do crafty things (also a very limited things to make crafts with) and unfortunately most of my work is due just after halloween I have little to no time to organise party's or make costumes so I thought I would do a throw back post to my last years costume; Wonder Woman!

I was working on a student budget last year as well so I do not remember spending more than 7 pounds on this costume.

What you will need:

  • A red shirt (primark cheap so it wont hurt to ruin)
  • A big sheet of gold card
  • red paper
  • a belt or some string
  • selotape
  • gold paint (textile if you can but i used normal paint, it wont last that long)
  • some measuring tape
  • black textile pen/normal thick pen
  • a spotted blue skirt (i already owned one, a reason i chose this outfit)
  • hairband (optional)

1. Right what you need to start with is drawing her sign on the red t-shirt. If you can print it out on an A4 piece of paper, cut it out and then draw round it on the shirt. Paint it with the gold paint and then wait to dry. Then using the black pen mark in the rest of the wonder woman symbol.

2. Make the cuffs, Belt and tiara. Measure round your wrists, waist and forehead,leave maybe an extra cm on the bracelets so you can easily slip it off. Cut it out of the gold card and cut out little red stars to stick onto it.

3. I stuck the cut out belt onto a piece of string using selotape but you can just aswell add it to a belt and then take it off after he event.

4. Selotape the ends of the bracelet,tiara together (possibly stick the tiara to a headband if it doesn't stay together.

5. simply slip into some boots, do your hair makeup and your done!