Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy new year

I hope you all have a happy new year and a great 2013, Stick with me for next year and get crafty with all the stuff lined up for next year.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

geek themed present idea

So we had secret santa a little while ago and I had the luck of getting someone who greatly enjoys harry potter,lord of the rings,poirot and all those stuff so I decided to base the whole present idea on along those lines
firstly I wraped a shoe box up in parcel paper then write the address (changing harry potter to his name)
and the wrote our under the staircase,private drive...etc.
i got a cute notebook that was kinda poirot themed and a ticket for the hobbit which i decorated the envelope
I also backed a batch of lembas bread, searching threw many a recipes, they didn't turn out too good and it really just tasted like sweet bread (not what the recipe wrote it would turn out to be) I wraped those in green paper (by this time i did not have much time to decorate gratly)
and then added some Cadberry chocolates quite rare over here :)

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

preparing to be an intergalactic hitchhiker , so i'm reading the whole guide
(yea i got the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy , the whole series :D )

Sunday, 23 December 2012

how today began

so my godfather came today and this is everything he unpacked on the table and  started to make christmas decorations :) lot of fun today still billions of stuff I didn't upload

quick DIY christmas decorations

So i made some really quick decorations today but they turned out quite cute so i'll put the pictures here and i thing you can use your creativity if you want to make them
 (of course if you need help comment below and I'll upload the instructions)
the snow flakes are from Usbornes Christmas decorations -to cut fold and stick book

teaspoon chocolate treats

So today I made these little treats for everyone as christmas gifts. there based on the little square chocolates on icicle sticks that you have to melt in warm milk to make your hot chocolate. Its basically the same idea except with spoons.

what you will need :

  • chocolate any flavour (100g made 9 spoons)
  • plastic spoons
  • topping decorations (dried fruits, sprinkles, nuts)

for wrapping:

  • see threw wrapping paper
  • nice string
  1. melt the chocolate in a bowl 
  2. wait a tiny bit then with a proper small teaspoon spoon some chocolate over watch out if its too hot it might deform the plastic spoon and watch out so it  doesn't over flow 
  3. decorate it using all sorts of different things then set it down on a plate or tray , watch out so it isn't on a slanting surface or it will cool slantedly
  4. repeat until theres no chocolate left
  5. leave it to cool and harden
  6. at the end cut up squares of the see threw wrapping paper and place the chocolate part of the spoon in it, scrunch up the bottom and then tie it and then you'r done :D

ginger bread men

"run run as fast as you can you cant catch me i'm the ginger bread man"
so today I made a few epic cookies, some got bow ties and stuff, there going out as presents tomorrow in some nice boxes :)

Making some Christmas decorations today should i upload some to give you guys some last minute ideas ?
i mean i am half a DIY ,artsy blog

Monday, 3 December 2012

been a while

wow its been a while but Im posting this from school.
I think my last post from school was about a year ago where we made bets with Dina whiole sitting in I.T
at the moment I have a free period and Dina left me to study history while I came to the library (i was ordered to go to the library as its warm and I have a cold) so im bored and i have a lot to study but I really cant be bothered at the moment... oh wweelll
Ill just keep on listening to the guys using google translate how to pronounce stuff
really all i can here at the moment is a computerised voice saying Fuck,fuck,fuckshit,damn it
so mature... :P
now there using siri