Sunday, 14 July 2013

Tumblr Updates

So as most of you know i'm now mostly using tumblr (interactions instant,my blog looks better,more followers and you gain a load of new friends)
So if you want to follow anyof my blogs there

Main blog: demigodishnes
The hunger games blog: painter-peeta
Other random blog i don't really use: uriahisthemockingjay

Harry potter time turner

So for my cousins 10th birthday I'm making a trunk full of all things Harry Potter-y this is just one of the objects that i might put in it (though I do feel greedy and might just keep this one) I'll be uploading the rest of the stuff as well, once I've made them

I got the Idea from here although i didn't follow instructions just saw the picture and figured it out (as you know  don't like following instructions) so it does look different but i like mine :)