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Detective Camp Plan

This was a detective guide camp I put together for only 6 girls, if done for a larger camp its a good base which can be modified and character cards can be taken out. The camp lasted from 5pm from friday till 11am on Sunday so most activities where done on Saturday. The story, received case files, criminal records have all been linked as well as the time schedule for each activity.



The story follows Mr. Zizu a Dutch Millionaire who's mansion had been broken into and his safe was found unlocked and broken into. The girls job is to investigate the situation and find out what happened, what was stolen and who was behind it. (a painting was stolen,many others go missing as well and an international maffia is behind it)

1. The first night after camp has been set they start their training at the detective or police academy, we set up obstacle courses and did a trust excersize where they must follow a string trail blindfolded with their other team members telling them the way.

2. In the morning they receive the case file, which contains a message from the Superintendant and a summary of the case (all linked below in Letters) as well as 6 eyewitness record, a newspaper clipping and a compass, out of these  records 3 are misleading and have little to do with the real burglars and 3 have important information, if more leaders are available eyewitnesses can be played and interviewed instead of having to read their accounts.
They are then asked to create pictures of the described people, either drawing or cutting up magazines to create the suspects.

3. They are then allowed onto the crime scene where an open safe containing jewelry, money and an empty picture frame (if it is a room then one of the windows is open) There is a Cheque half signed by Mr. Zizu on the table to the Ambitious Art Society, as well as an angry letter, a Joker card and a  brochure from an art exhibition(more clues can be left but these are the main ones).
There are 3 different footprints leading from the scene in different directions (each lead on a different trail)

4. The detectives receive a criminal records file were already known criminals related to previous burglaries are in it with fingerprints included and pictures (criminal bios linked below) they were asked to dust the scene for fingerprints and take plaster cast prints of the different footprints, to baggie all evidence and not contaminate the scene (plastic bags over shoes, gloves,hair tied back) The finger prints they find around the safe, on the joker card and on the picture frame are the same as 3 of the criminals on record : _________________________,

5.(lunch followed) They are then asked to follow the 3 trails, here one of the teams receive the first character card (were they are told they catch up to the burglars but where injured in a fight to catch them, they are the ones on the record but the briefcase that contained the stolen good was passed on to an unknown party, they all escaped) On the trails different clothes pieces, shoes that match the trail, 2 plane tickets to paris as well as a fishing rod is found. At the end of each trail parts of a clue is found that should be pieced together when all members unit. This clue is in fact a compass clue to be done later

6. The "injured"detectives receive fake wounds, this is great to teach them first aid for their beginners campers badge. After this depending on time several activities can be put in that do not link to the main story such as learning and making codes, doing a police academy fitness time, making disguises, learning about signature forgeries I found many great ideas in these two books:_____________

Meanwhile constant messages are received from Head Quarters that several pictures from other museums have been stolen as well as an international maffia being at large links to these can also be found below. as well as some members are suspected to be in Paris at so and so time (same time as plane tickets if any of them notice) a part of the camp area is chosen to be paris earlier on and a map may be given to the girls, when they go there they find another joker card but also some torn up pictures (i found some pretty great ones of mr.bean photoshopped onto actual paintings, this is supposed to show that they accidentally stole their own fake paintings)

7. Back to the story they are asked using pegs,string and a mallet to follow the clue which is directions and distances (this might have to be adjusted) but it should come out as 6 PM

ANOTHER character card 2. is dealt out to someone with a tipoff

8. they interrogate one of the leaders if they know something they say no at first but then cave and give the detectives the last key the whereabouts of the last big meeting between 2 maffia members.
for s we made it a bit difficult and some words where in a foreign language but these words where in a previous activity about guessing languages as detectives/spies should be able to work internationally

Character card 3 and 4 are dealt to another 2 girls. one of them must sneak away with a leader and from the place given create a trail using woodland signs to a place which the others will follow at 6 o clock the second one who recieve the card is also a built in agent and must prevent the others from figuring out the trail. The first must pass on the briefcase on to her without being found out. This turns into a tag game. Everyone has a tag hanging out of their trousers this is their life

if the tag of the 2 built in agents is pulled out before they reach back to bass camp with the briefcase the Detectives win. if the agents manage to pass on the briefcase and get back with their lives the Maffia win.

In the briefcase is the stolen painting as well as little presents for the girls

Time for the campfire! :)

If anything is unclear or you wish for more to be specified comment below and I'll happily help

Guide camp

So yesterday 4 days before the actual guide camp i sat down and wrote the whole weekend detective mystery story cutting it a bit short and now is the second night of little sleep finding all the equipment for the activities.  The Whole story, with letters, criminal files, and the activities used as well as the weekend schedule will be put up here in a pack for future reference to any Guide leaders looking for inspiration for a Detective or Spy camp (very annoyed at myself for having lost the spy camp story and activities)

the blog will be turned to have adverts for this very reason,as i have a few murder mystery weekends which i wrote. While i will not make them be paid for as i am not a professional writer but a lot of time was taken to make these and all had great responses :)

The writing begins 

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Hey its okay..

.. If your workout for the day consisted of changing into your new sports clothes and deeming that your workout

admiring yourself looking sporty takes up ALOT of energy