Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The Hunger Games trilogy review

Lets just say this its been a while since I had generally spent my whole day locked up in my room reading, skiping meals to read or even running home from school ditching homework to read threw the night
of course this resulted in me finishing the trilogy in about 4 days ( I could of been quicker but i didnt have the second book so when I finished the first book at 1 in the morning I was stressing out and got up early on sunday to go into town to buy the next two books so it dosnt happen again.)
iTS simply amazing , you cant put it down and you generally sit in suspence the whole time and all the plot lines and twists throughout the series are simply amazing.
I usually lost alot of sleep hoping at night that my personal favourite character Peeta Melark dosnt die (as its a usual habbit of my favourite characters to snuff it somewhere in the middle.)
The end few chapters had me in complete tears and had me seriously re-think humanity and what we humans are actually like. 
Of course I dont whant to say much not to spoil anything but its a definate read and it will stick with you for quite a while.
Im still sitting in school thinking how things could of been different under other circumstances and singing my version of ˝the hanging tree (which bugs some people to hell)
but beware it isnt for the faint hearted as theres quite alot of brutal murders along the way

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Moral Dillema

So at the moment I'm between two minds.
I want to do a small ski series about Sherlock Holmes half based on the bbc t.v series but with small humor in it and some references to the fandom, I also have a couple of people how have even volunteered to write me short scripts. and I have a whole crew who would be happy to film it, I have now even got 3 actors (some roles will be played by the same people)
But my problem is I have looked into wigs ,costume etc. and it costs a fortune just to rent a wig.
which would mean we need finances for a short youtube skit which isn't even a proper tv,film thing just a couple of teenagers mucking around and making films out of hobby.
So basically it means we need money
which could be solved by just turning on adsense (actually it couldn't as I don't get many views on youtube. the max is if i turn it on on this blog and start writting or doing proper posts people would actually read) But turning on adsense would mean I'd start getting money (even if it is just close to nothing) but that would start to mean people could ask to get paid which is a problem as I wouldn't be getting any money as most of it would go on the props so I wouldn't be wholling it all up it would be being spent on the filming. I mean if that video particullary gets many hits it might mean that whenever we make a sherlock skit they would get paid , but it would be weird as they're friends of mine and I wouldn't whant to start feeling like an imployer, also it would be hard to decide how to split it as I have quite a few of videos on my channel that they're not involved in.
Also I'm still not completly sure making a small sherlock skit is legal , but I mean there ae quite a few already up on youtube.
So the big question to turn or not to turn on adsense to finance making the sherlock skit now and for further funding future any skit ?

Friday, 4 January 2013

new year pig

A new year pig arrived in the post, I was quite surprised but it's so cute I really don't want to smash it up as its made of hard sugar must be yummy. but.can'

going on an adventure

So as I read, watched The Hobbit and am now reading the 3rd part of the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy I really want to go on an adventure, but I can't really leave the house with the amount of work I have to do so the most adventurous I'm going to be at the moment is changing my blog background (again sorry if it bothers you) to the galaxy since I can't go hitchhiking in it and because I probably will never get to go work for NASA with my crappy physics and maths grades... a failed dream but one more job I am not fit for ticked of the list ...unfortunately