Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy new year

I hope you all have a happy new year and a great 2013, Stick with me for next year and get crafty with all the stuff lined up for next year.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

geek themed present idea

So we had secret santa a little while ago and I had the luck of getting someone who greatly enjoys harry potter,lord of the rings,poirot and all those stuff so I decided to base the whole present idea on along those lines
firstly I wraped a shoe box up in parcel paper then write the address (changing harry potter to his name)
and the wrote our under the staircase,private drive...etc.
i got a cute notebook that was kinda poirot themed and a ticket for the hobbit which i decorated the envelope
I also backed a batch of lembas bread, searching threw many a recipes, they didn't turn out too good and it really just tasted like sweet bread (not what the recipe wrote it would turn out to be) I wraped those in green paper (by this time i did not have much time to decorate gratly)
and then added some Cadberry chocolates quite rare over here :)

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

preparing to be an intergalactic hitchhiker , so i'm reading the whole guide
(yea i got the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy , the whole series :D )

Sunday, 23 December 2012

how today began

so my godfather came today and this is everything he unpacked on the table and  started to make christmas decorations :) lot of fun today still billions of stuff I didn't upload

quick DIY christmas decorations

So i made some really quick decorations today but they turned out quite cute so i'll put the pictures here and i thing you can use your creativity if you want to make them
 (of course if you need help comment below and I'll upload the instructions)
the snow flakes are from Usbornes Christmas decorations -to cut fold and stick book

teaspoon chocolate treats

So today I made these little treats for everyone as christmas gifts. there based on the little square chocolates on icicle sticks that you have to melt in warm milk to make your hot chocolate. Its basically the same idea except with spoons.

what you will need :

  • chocolate any flavour (100g made 9 spoons)
  • plastic spoons
  • topping decorations (dried fruits, sprinkles, nuts)

for wrapping:

  • see threw wrapping paper
  • nice string
  1. melt the chocolate in a bowl 
  2. wait a tiny bit then with a proper small teaspoon spoon some chocolate over watch out if its too hot it might deform the plastic spoon and watch out so it  doesn't over flow 
  3. decorate it using all sorts of different things then set it down on a plate or tray , watch out so it isn't on a slanting surface or it will cool slantedly
  4. repeat until theres no chocolate left
  5. leave it to cool and harden
  6. at the end cut up squares of the see threw wrapping paper and place the chocolate part of the spoon in it, scrunch up the bottom and then tie it and then you'r done :D

ginger bread men

"run run as fast as you can you cant catch me i'm the ginger bread man"
so today I made a few epic cookies, some got bow ties and stuff, there going out as presents tomorrow in some nice boxes :)

Making some Christmas decorations today should i upload some to give you guys some last minute ideas ?
i mean i am half a DIY ,artsy blog

Monday, 3 December 2012

been a while

wow its been a while but Im posting this from school.
I think my last post from school was about a year ago where we made bets with Dina whiole sitting in I.T
at the moment I have a free period and Dina left me to study history while I came to the library (i was ordered to go to the library as its warm and I have a cold) so im bored and i have a lot to study but I really cant be bothered at the moment... oh wweelll
Ill just keep on listening to the guys using google translate how to pronounce stuff
really all i can here at the moment is a computerised voice saying Fuck,fuck,fuckshit,damn it
so mature... :P
now there using siri

Friday, 30 November 2012

Starkid - A very potter musical

YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS, its an awesome play about Harry Potter you can find it on youtube on a channel Sarkid or just type in a Very Potter musical, it consists of different acts and parts and its great so if you love Harry Potter, plays,musicals, fandoms and youtube videos go check it out !
heres the first part,which is mainly just singing

Thursday, 29 November 2012

20 tumblr followers

I have managed to reach 20 followers today on tumblr.
Yeay! new I'd find my place somewhere on this interweb :P
I doubt I'll ever reach that many on youtube (mainly as I have postponed making crapy videos for personal reasons)
But to all those interested in my tumblr or just tumblr generally
here's the link
if you haven't been on tumblr yet, well, its a weird place,
but lots of fun !

update: well a year on and WOW do i have a lot of followers. i really don't even know why i made this post. i guess i was suprised that i can even gain followers.  oh yea and thats not my url anymore. i cant be bothered to write it as it keeps on changing and i'd have to rectify all my posts every time, and i'd be changing the past (like in1984 like how would you know this was the past if i change the past and that's just scary)

Friday, 23 November 2012

Sunday, 4 November 2012


Just wanted to note that I logged on  and saw I had 2012 views :P
in 2012
I dunno just wanted to point it out

How to make cool earrings (using shrinking paper)

What you will need:

  • shrinking paper ( they come in all sorts of colours)
  • fine sand paper
  • pens (the ones that don't come off)
  • pencils
  • a design
  • earrings- you can buy different types in hobby shops)
  • hole punch
  • scissors
step 1 the design
the designs traced over
  1. First print out or draw the design you would like on your earrings 
  2. If you want to draw on it with pencil, sand paper that bit down. If you want to draw the design on the see threw type of  paper, by sanding it down it won't be see threw anymore.(I didn't sand mine down so i could only use pens)
  3. the design should be double the size that you want it to be.
  4. leave space when drawing the design on for the hole at the top.
  5. If using the see-threw shrinking paper simply place it over the pattern and copy it.
  6. Punch the hole and cut out your design leave a small rim to it.
  7. place them into the oven on a sheet of baking paper on a tray.
  8. don't pre-heat the oven put them in and then turn the oven on to about 125 degrees celsius.
  9. (make a test one) stay by them and watch them , they should shrink in around 5 minutes , if you think that they've reached the size you prefer take them out
  10. there will be the problem of curling so quickly when you take them out flatten them.
  11. then leave them to cool, then simply place them on the earrings 
in the oven

finished pieces 

Friday, 2 November 2012

water colours

So I think i have finally got the hang of using water colours :) (I thank tumblr where I could study a load of other peoples art work)

check more watercolour pics out on

Lord of the rings comic strip

It's november everyone (yea if you haven't seen a clock or anything the whole day) for starting of the 2 months before 2012 ends and christmas and nearly only 1 MONTH till The Hobbit comes out I have an announcement ( yes I know I have a lot of announcements lately.
I have made another tumblr page where I will be and have posted my Hobbit comic strips.

So far its about two small hobbits who are off the find the main road in search of finding intresting junk that other travelers leave behind. They go off using Bilbo's drawn map from when he left for his journey. Of course it won't be as easy as that.
I will probably start other comics as well. and post them here
so go over and check it out :) thanks
first part
second part
third part 

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Pumpkin Cupcakes for Halloween

I just made these Pumpkin passion cupcakes for Halloween and they are DELICIOUS !
you can't even taste the pumpkin in it , so its safe to give to all those pumpkin haters.
sorry i didn't do a step by step for this one but the actual recipe is here on the goodfood website
just click on the link.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

stuffed owls

Soo I sat down today to make stuffed plush owls and I made a doctor who one.
If your interested in how to make them please comment or plus 1 this or something and i'll make a tutorial post :)
not the best quality picture :S

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Friday, 12 October 2012

chocolate - sweet related games

I'm a young leader (now a leader in training) and this week I had some trouble coming up with games for our Guide meeting our theme was international Chocolate week. In the end we did these. they all really enjoyed it.
hope its helpfull!

Chocolate fondue : Ok so this one isn't a game,but its always a hit. simply bring a bowl some bars of plain chocolate and some long dipping sticks. We melted the chocolate in a microwave for safety reasons . and  they dipped fruit and marshmallows in them.

Building a campfire:
you will need different types of sweets for this , I also brought salty sticks as they can resemble logs.
The aim of the game is for the girls to either separately or in small groups build a mini campfire , with tents and things out of sweets, in a limited amount of time ( I use 5 minutes to make it harder) the team or girl who's sweet camp resembles one or is the most creative wins !

Marshmallow Tower:  
You will need marshmallows and toothpicks. The aim is to build the highest or the most stable tower out of marshmallows and toothpicks. also with a time limit and after who builds the highest or the most stable one (so it stands up by itself for a certain amount of time) Wins.

Its cold outside : 
You need an assortment of cold weather clothes , the same things for each team, knives and forks, and a type of chocolate bar.
The girls are divided into groups. Each has a pile of clothes and a chocolate bar and a knife and fork. A girl must run up to the chocolate bar put on all the clothes ( its more exciting if there's loves in the pile)
then using the knife and fork cut a piece of chocolate then get all the clothes of and rn back to her team.
the team who finishes first wins.

Poison ! :

Put out a few sweets on the table, one girl leaves the room and the others must decided which one is the  "poisoned" sweet. bring back the girl and she can start eating the sweets but if she eats the poisoned one everyone must shout POISON ! and then her turn is over. and you can start over with someone else.
(so you have to be care full which one you choose other wise you're turn can be over quickly and won't be able to eat as many sweets)

Monday, 8 October 2012

french the llama visits paris

I know I haven't posted a video here for a long time, deciding this one to be a non-youtube related page of mine but I think this video turned out pretty well :) If you like it the please visit my channel on youtube to thumbs up it or subscribe ! thank you :D

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

present Ideas - Memory box

 Its one of those presents which last a year and fill you with good memories. I made a Memror box for my grandads 70th birthday. We got a lot of family members and his old friends to write letters to him with different memories on them and if they have pictures to send them to us. We then put them in the box. You should get around 365 memories so it woud last a year. Then each day till his next birthday he should pull one out. This should last him till his next birthday. Of course we didn't manage to get so many because instead most people wrote all their memories in 1 letter. SO now he has to pull out 3 per week. I think he really liked it. :) You can decorate the box however you want to. just don't forget to leave a hole somewhere.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

instead i bought some bubblegum!

New video! I'd been planning this one for a whole summer now and i can't believe how much of a fail it became! I guess it's funnier this way but come on i usually able to blow humungous bubbles ! I guess they're camera scared.
Oh well......
 It also took a while to sort threw the video footage as i chewed and tried to blow bubbles for more than half an hour.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

water colours

So today i decided to work on my water colour techniques (because i have none) and this is what happened...
The doctor meets the curiosity rover (successful landing tribute)

Harry gets sorted 

My favourite quote at the moment from A dance with dragons (game of thrones series) it reads "A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies,The man who never reads lives only one." It got a load of reposts on tumblr so im really happy :D

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Open Letter to the Wizards

Too addicted to this and totally addresses a LOT of questions about the wizarding world :) DFTBA

Thursday, 16 August 2012

The Doctor defeats Youtube-itis

So the new season of Doctor who is coming this september but till then I'll have to make do with myself , enjoy and subscribe :)

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Behind the scene: The Doctor defeats youtube-itis

So for a couple of days now I have been making the props for my next video and watching Doctor Who episodes  and today I finally got round to filming FINALLY!!!! The Doctors part has been filmed now it's all down to me to film my part. And looking back i am an awful Matt Smith ,Doctor, seriously i suck :P but i had a lot of fun sitting in a padded out bath tub and shouting "IM  HERE , IM THE DOCTOR ,ATTACK ME! " and it was just fun pretending to be the Doctor. Of course all the props I made can't be seen properly as the writings to small on it. But at least i took a picture of them and it's all ready a post down. I realized that it was a good choice to dump my childhood dream of becoming an actress, but i think i would make a pretty good 12th doctor with new characteristics :P

My doctor costume ,bow tie and straps made out of paper :P Bow ties are cool . OK ?!

Nom nom my hand made sign i should of photographed the making of this so i could of made it into a separate post,yea i needed a KEEP QUITE sound because I kept on having to re-film bits since it had radio or conversation noises in the background, and i made a see through pouch so you can change the sign if needed and there's a hanger on the back so you can put it anywhere :)

Sunday, 12 August 2012

coming soon...

  Can you guess what the next video will be about ? :) 

(these are some props,still more in the making)

Friday, 10 August 2012

work in progress

 So the work continues on the youtube channel background project. And I'm nearly done !! yeay! except for the fact that i cant seem to get this on the top but goes behind everything so there's some rearranging going on and zooming out so hopefully by the end of the day it will be ready, also there's a new video in store for tonight !

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Making a youtube background

So I spent today making background plans for my youtube channel which I want to computerise once i get the Tab up and running. Heres a few of how it started out.

These were my first ideas, having a Pot of Jam and some jelly in it, i don't know why there on the seaside but they simply are (remember these are drafts)

my first sketch in front of the t.v

So a phoenix bird was my second idea as today I got this strong urge to draw birds with pastels. It's a bit Harry Potterish but because I'm a huge fan I thought I should incorporate it to make it more me. It's from Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets when the phoenix pulls Harry,Ron and Lockhart out of the chamber except I'v changed it here in to a pot of Jam, Jelly and of course an OWL :D
So I drew the phoenix and from heres it will be a mystery ..
to you..
for the time being..
well till tommorow :P

Also here are the plans for The End scene and the part with the blogs links on it which i want to make in flash so it moves, but I'll have to wait till school starts for that to come true.

facebook cover bird photos

this one is awfull i don't know why i put this one here

I dont know why but i find this one cute :)
So today i decided to do some pastel drawings and i just have this Owl addiction at the moment but in the end it just turned into random birds, and was thinking to make one a cover photo but then i realized when i edited them that they don't look good on the computer, but here they are anyway. And the best one isn't here but you'll find out why in the next post.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

SKEPTA - Rolex Sweep (Vandalism Remix) Official

Finally found this song after a long time of searching I heard it in Misfits (which is an awsome tv series ) :D

Making Sushi

A new video on how to make sushi :)
Got together with Dina to make it, and it isn't the best as I didn't fully plan it out  like the previous cupcake video. Also by the end we were starving as the rice takes ages to make and we started around 2 without lunch. So i just wanted to finish filming as quickly as possible. Of course we got more video footage with this one so i made a Blooper, Bonus video which you can check out on my channel Jam and Jelly. Next time I'm seriously going to use a microphone, unfortunately my camera broke so for the time I'm stuck with the crappy film quality.

Monday, 6 August 2012


We got a HUGE watermelon yesterday and we decided to start eating it. ( you cant see the proportions but trust me its ginormous)