Friday, 30 September 2011

Simply rANdoM

sooo there was a post here but i decided it was too boring and poinntless and since i posted it iv been getting loads of spam i have no idea why so i have decided to delete it

Thursday, 29 September 2011

I hate being sick

At the moment i am pretty annoyed  i have a cold . and i absaloutly hate being sick. I just watched an episode of friends and it was the one where Monica has a cold it was really funny cus she didnt want to accept that she was sick ( like me cus it makes you feel all weak ) anyway so im trying to do normal stuff. Oh yea we dont have school cus its Rosh Hashana (new year). so i try to do normall stuff but i cant cus every time i try to draw or read or do anything my mind goes all fuzzy and i start to have a sneezing fit. And this break would be great to start working on paintings for my art exams but there turning out really abstract cus of this brain fuzziness so i have to postpone till later :(
i hate this
(and if your thinking why i didnt change the background to fit this post like i said i would in a previous post it is because im still on the whole halloween thing i only wrote this rant to get it out of my system)

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

How to make a skeleton

Hi people so the first halloweeni thing i half made is a skeleton called Bob (as i v said half ready i will update this when it is fully finished)
what you will need :
  • white paper(or old white documents you dont need) or white paint
  •   sellotape or masking tape
  •   lots of toilet tubes  and wrapping paper tubes
  •   A shoe box or cereal carton 
  • a 1L plastic bottle
1. ok  so first get your plastic bottle and either paint it white or as i did cus i was lazy tapped white paper on it then turn it uppside down (so the mouth is downwards) draw it a face

2. get your long wrapping paper tube and also paint or wrap it in white  and then fit the head into the tube or the tube into the head. if you want to be able to take it apart don't stick it in.

3. get your shoe box and make a hole in the top so the wrapping paper tube fits in and 2 others on the side so the toilet paper roles fit in.

4. Now paint the showbox or cover it in white.

3 and 4
5. to make the legs stick the toilet tubes together and then i think you already guessed yes cover it or paint it.

6. stick all the parts into the right hole

7. make little toes too put on the legs

8. the rest will be continued........

and i now introduce you to the half finished Bob  :)

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Packer Blocker MOnster

Have you seen this Monster ?
Beware they may seem tame and cute but they are dangerous! 
Use Caution while packing as they can quickly sneak into you siutcase and never leave. 
There purpose is to make packing harder and for you to miss your plane. 
Beware when you remove them as they can release dangerous toxins into your body. 
We suggest using a sock to distract it to make it leave.
If you have any problems or need awnsers contact this blog and we will send help Immediately. :P

Monday, 19 September 2011


As i have said before i am a weird weird person for example my weather preferences are rain and storm, and my temperature likes are cold not that really cold but the one you have in spring in the mornings. I hate the warm i don't mind spring warm but summer warm is like uuuurgh its sticky and you get dehydrated. I also love storms like theres one right now and I'm in front of the window its so good to get soaked also to sit inside with a worm drink and watch the storm go bye :) I'm weird

Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Bet

Ok just to mae it official me and Dina have made a bet that shes going to forget James Franco by Febuary her saying she wont. We are betting on something that i wont tell you about cus its an inside joke.. :P
just to tell you now im so going to win. well actually im thinking we're gunna totally forget about this bet but oh weel
so Dina be get ready to lose!
cus i always win
We will see who wins on the 9th of febuary 

Chocolate festival

Today my cousins took me to the chocolate festival in the Buda Castle and i have to say it was a bit of a disapointment it wouldnt of been that bad if i hadn't of had to pay 1900 ft for the ticket to see it and inside you had to pay for everything and it was all pretty expensive you only got a few taster and there wasn't much to see. Also there where no programes and i was dieing of hunger (i didnt bye anything) there where 2 places to eat properly the firs one ran out of food and the second one was seriously over priced as well. so its safe to say its the last time im going to go to the chocolate festival.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011


Ha  today i had the best feeling in the world ! and that is when you prove a teacher wrong. OK so today im sitting in chemistry being all chemisty and the teacher starts asking people questions about what we just read. well she only asked the people who wherent paying attention there all like uuuumm .... aaaahhh....
so i generally zoom out cus im bored and then the teacher ask me the same question with a 'your not paying attention look on her face' but i prove her wrong and i say the right awnser (cus i was so paying attention before ) and  im like HA! and she has this look ' mrmrmrmr'

ok i over did it a bit cus at the end shes actually like correct .. but you know it sounds better my way but its such a good feeeling :)
lol this is why this blog is random

Friday, 9 September 2011


Well today i had my first guitar lesson and it was AWESOME!
as i don t know anything about guitars a got a mini tutorial and we then started with the notes which he showed me then said i should repeat it and i was like :  what ?i cant even remember where the first note is and then he realized that im kinda slow on uptakes and my memories crap so he wrote it down . Otherwise hes an awesome teacher i also started to learn the beginning of sweet home Alabama . ok it doesn't sound like it yet but it will ... someday.... :P

after guitar lesson i also ran into Dina and i 'helped her' get her James Franco t shirt printed it actually turned into a pretty cool top and shes appartently going to put pictures on her blog so if you whant to check it out go to

Thursday, 8 September 2011


i had quite a good day today i finally got over my identity crisis thing and have returned to my normal happy state but i still have to get threw this whole negativity thing. anyway i spent the afternoon with Dina in a café and had a great time we like spent 2 hours there and she kept bugging me with the whole James Franco thing again :P but im getting used to it now. And now im totally hiped up because i have my first guitar lesson tomorow and i am totally exited i have my guitar ready and everything i also learned a few notes allready..

can hardly wait :)

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

i loove physics

I know i think i have finally had my breakdown and become unbalanced ( i had an identity crisis in the middle of French i mean who else has that ? )
and now i looooove physics i seriously have no idea whats come over me i pay attention in class it actually interests me what we're learning and today i was the first one to solve a physics problem and i could explain it and it was actually correct.its also the 3rd time now that i'v signed up for extra physics. am i crazy ?
yes i think i am  i now have 6 hours of physics a week and i'm happy

something weird is seriously happening to me


Tuesday, 6 September 2011

French Connection

People people you have heard correctly a French Connections has now opened in Hungary in Mom park yeessssssssssssssssssssssssssssss !!!! finally people are starting to listen to what i am saying. I have wanted a French connections for ages because all i ever see in my magazines are "model on right is wearing a french connections dress, this skirt is from french connections" and i always go online to see there latest collection but now i dont have to cus the're here YEAY !
and since where on the topic there are a few other shops id love to see over here
1. Primark
2. Topshop
3. Whistles
4. HMV
5. Newlook
6. V & D
7. Blokker or Hemma and maybe a Bijenkorf
also a Six or an Accessorise wouldn't be bad either and i think there are a few people who would agree oooh and also they should put a H&M into  Mammut shopping center it would make life easier :)

Monday, 5 September 2011

why Dina annoyes me

write now Dina is really annoying me she has this James Franco addiction and shes ruined my internet because of him she also wont let me look at anything else on IMDB and she only whants to watch films that he's in.  so for the record and im doing this for your health Dina..

GET OVER HIM !!!!!! :P

also check out Dina's blog DHINAS where you'll find a whole post dedicated to James Franco

Yessss 200 views :)

As you already know im obssesed with my stats and today i finally got my 200th viewer. i know its not much but im really happy i never thought 200 people would ever view this blog. so thank you everyone !

Dina says Hi ! as we're in a class at the moment....