Wednesday, 28 September 2011

How to make a skeleton

Hi people so the first halloweeni thing i half made is a skeleton called Bob (as i v said half ready i will update this when it is fully finished)
what you will need :
  • white paper(or old white documents you dont need) or white paint
  •   sellotape or masking tape
  •   lots of toilet tubes  and wrapping paper tubes
  •   A shoe box or cereal carton 
  • a 1L plastic bottle
1. ok  so first get your plastic bottle and either paint it white or as i did cus i was lazy tapped white paper on it then turn it uppside down (so the mouth is downwards) draw it a face

2. get your long wrapping paper tube and also paint or wrap it in white  and then fit the head into the tube or the tube into the head. if you want to be able to take it apart don't stick it in.

3. get your shoe box and make a hole in the top so the wrapping paper tube fits in and 2 others on the side so the toilet paper roles fit in.

4. Now paint the showbox or cover it in white.

3 and 4
5. to make the legs stick the toilet tubes together and then i think you already guessed yes cover it or paint it.

6. stick all the parts into the right hole

7. make little toes too put on the legs

8. the rest will be continued........

and i now introduce you to the half finished Bob  :)

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