Thursday, 7 July 2016

Eurovision Party

Eurovision finals are tonight so I thought I would throw a small gathering for the event. As usual it is amidst exam month and as well as near the end of the semester so budgets are small. For this reason here are some small cheap crafts you can do in your halls of residence, without damaging the property to get into the Eurovision feeling.

1. Eurovision logo on door. 

If you have more time to be neat. We used an A4 sheet of paper and watercolours. Ruler advised. 
Logo can be found on the official site. or to make things easier just print one out!


one thing Eurovision always has is Sparkle. So if you have the money invest in ALOT of glitter.
(or reuse some tinsel to drape around the place)


 As we were tight for time we decorated the flat with these flag buntings. 

4. Drinks

If time look up some typical beverages of certain countries for the night. Or as its a warm day and Russians contestants are high on the bookies list we have decided on Oreo White Russian ice lollies for the night. 
5. Costumes
If you can convince the guests, everyone should draw a country from the finals who they have to full heartedly support (even if they do not) and showing their support with dressing up. Be inventive
or just take a shower in glitter.

6. Scores.
Keep a huge poster on the wall with all the contestants of the finals. Guests can then after each performance rate the song and then see who got the winning contestant right at the end!

7. Music
Make an epic playlist of past Eurovision songs till the show starts and for the after party.

How to make a pencil case

What you will need:

  • Thread to match your fabric + thread for basting
  • normal zip 12inches/30cm
  • scissors
  • taylor's chalk
  • sewing machine (or hand)
  • 40cm of fabric
Pattern for pencil case: - Drawing is not precise does not fit onto A4 paper,
                                     -  Every corner is a 90 degree angel.
                                     - 1cm seam allowance calculated into it
if you are unsure in any of the instructions don't be afraid to comment below!

1. Fold your fabric in the pattern face up onto the right side of the fabric (the side you would like to have on the outside of your pencil case. next to the fold as shown. This way you will cut 2 patterns. one will be the outside and one will be the lining. 
Do not cut them apart!

2. if you place it with pattern rolling down wards. the pattern will end up horizontal on finished piece or vice versa as the picture further shows.
3. So when you fold it out it should look something like this.
4. Turn it over so that the inside is facing upwards (demonstrated by white colour in the picture) then fold the two edges down 1cm. Then iron it so that it stays there.

5. Fold the lining and the outer fabric back onto each other with the Inside fabric (white) on the inside and the coloured part facing out. Then baste (large stitch by hand) the two sides shown by the red lines on the picture.
6. Now onto the zip.
The zip will be slightly too long for the fabric. What you need to do is measure out 2.5cm from the end of the zipper (not from the handle side) and mark it. Using thread and needle stitch across the zipper teeth creating a new end. Then 1 cm from this cut of the leftover end.
7. Place the zip in between the two fabrics on the straight edge. Put the fabric right on the zipper teeth ends.then using a zipper foot stitch close to the teeth (don't go over the teeth or you won't be able to unzip it) make sure it stitched both fabrics. 
8.Do the same with the other side of the fabric. It makes it easier if you unzip the zip. Make sure it is in between the two fabrics and next to the zipper teeth. Then stitch.

turn inside out.
Baste the remaining unbasted edges of lining and outside fabric together. as shown with the red lines on the picture.

with the patterned sides together put bottom edges and tops together (dots together with the zipper) and then sew this together.

At the end put the notches together and sew these together.

Turn the pencil case inside out again

Tadaaaa you have a finished pencil case!!!

(I know the drawings are just fabulous, I forgot to take pictures while making this.)