Thursday, 7 July 2016

Eurovision Party

Eurovision finals are tonight so I thought I would throw a small gathering for the event. As usual it is amidst exam month and as well as near the end of the semester so budgets are small. For this reason here are some small cheap crafts you can do in your halls of residence, without damaging the property to get into the Eurovision feeling.

1. Eurovision logo on door. 

If you have more time to be neat. We used an A4 sheet of paper and watercolours. Ruler advised. 
Logo can be found on the official site. or to make things easier just print one out!


one thing Eurovision always has is Sparkle. So if you have the money invest in ALOT of glitter.
(or reuse some tinsel to drape around the place)


 As we were tight for time we decorated the flat with these flag buntings. 

4. Drinks

If time look up some typical beverages of certain countries for the night. Or as its a warm day and Russians contestants are high on the bookies list we have decided on Oreo White Russian ice lollies for the night. 
5. Costumes
If you can convince the guests, everyone should draw a country from the finals who they have to full heartedly support (even if they do not) and showing their support with dressing up. Be inventive
or just take a shower in glitter.

6. Scores.
Keep a huge poster on the wall with all the contestants of the finals. Guests can then after each performance rate the song and then see who got the winning contestant right at the end!

7. Music
Make an epic playlist of past Eurovision songs till the show starts and for the after party.

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