Sunday, 3 March 2013

2013 so far aka us mortals must be so dumb

Well 2 months have passed of 2013 already and I think we have reached a point where we can simply not ignore the news . I mean what the hell is going on?
the pope quits, a meteor hits Russia, a man gets swallowed by a hole in his bedroom etc..
I mean stuff like this doesn't usually happen so close together does it ?
So I have come to the conclusion that these happenings are all down to something, probably something we can't understand because well,we're mortals, muggles and so on and we try our hardest to ignore and cover up all magical incidents by labeling them something else. something plausible for humanity.
I mean for all we know we could be in a middle of an Ogre war, or Titans and Olympians battling it out or even another dark lord has risen to power. What ever's happening. my Message to all of you mortals out there is Be Careful!

for all we know the pope knows about all this and simply couldn't take it and went into hiding.

well 13 is an "unlucky" number.

damn I wish I wouldn't be a mortal.

I'm sorry for the random post. Lets just see what happens next. I know I'm waiting for it.