Saturday, 26 November 2011

All packed and ready to go

Ok so im not actually all packed i still have 2 things left but they havent dried yet....
but other wise im done and really really really excited :) im pretty suprised at myself, it took me 5 hours to pack ... it was sooooo long and boring . so of course i got distracted which just made it take even longer ...... stupid mirror... and interesting stuff in my room ..... btw when i say mirror i dont mean it in a vain way i mean it like "noo i have a zit on my face," "damn my eyebrows are weirdly shaped "...
ok so as you can see this post dosnt have any real kinda bored... im watching t.v.......

i should calm down and do something usefull

getting ready for israel :D

ok so tomorow where of to Israel with our class yeay!!!!! so today is going to be about packing and buying things i havent got yet. im like super excited and im generally jumping about in the house :) iv started charging my camera collecting stuff around the house . i have this feeling like im going to forget something... soooo i wont be able to blog for a while but after i-ll do a big israel thing. and maybe if theres internet in the hotels ill write mini posts from the only problem is im starting to lose my voice and im getting a cold which isnt good cus I CAN NOT BE SICK !!!!

and a little party music simply great for hiperactive moments like this
welcome to st.tropez :D

Monday, 21 November 2011

No point

Its Monday again wwwwwoooopppp !!

not ........
Seriously my monday timetable sucks theres no actuall point of coming into school for me we dont even have proper lessons i mean our only actuall we have to pay attention lesson is Literature.... So i wouldnt have to come in till 12 and then maybe stay for p.e afterward but then again i hate p.e  so i wouldnt.
Im tirrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeddddddddddd first double lesson is baisically a 2 hour facebook or do what you whan ton the internet since i always manage to finsh the i.t project pretty quickly.
i dont actually know whats up with me i seem to do stuff pretty quickly like friday. I finished my histroy 2 hour exam in 45 minutes awnsering all questions fully and knowing everything (ok i dont know the resaults so it might be pretty crap) whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy are mondaysss sooooooooooooo boring .............. i also have to go to this thing where they tell us about israel and what we have to bring (oh yea where going to israel :D ill have a lot to blog afterwards :D )
ok im not going to bore you people anylonger im guessing noone actually read till the end
if you did  write a comment :P  it can be random and not to this topic

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Breaking dawn Review

Soo On friday i whent to see Breaking dawn part 1. I thought it was just going to be one of thoose twilight films that you forget the second you leave the cinema since nothing really happens in them. And the actors somehow think that the people there supposed to be acting out dont have a personallity or something and  so the film turns awkward. An that is how it started of.Bella trying to walk in high heels and her wedding and it was all awkward ......and then the honeymoon .. Ok that was pretty funny oh and the speeches at the wedding where hillarious.And then the exiting bit began belle got pregnant and this is the part i thought would be really boring bellain pain for 2 hours but NO! it actually got interesting there was tension and exitment even though i already knew what was going to happen and the wolves where fighting. and then i was worried they where going to endit in a crappy spot but THEY DIDNT!!!! it was awsome ! heads up at the end dont go out wait for a bit cus theres and extra volturi bit put in during the credits !!!!! soooo going to watch the next part !!

Thursday, 17 November 2011


Procrastaration is when zou dont whant to do something so you keep putting it of like me at the moment
as i should be learning history but instead im youtubeing and found these awsome harry potter puppet pals simply pure comedy heres one of mz favoeurite ones and its really hard not to qoute the whole film

Simply dieing
"I asked lily Evans to dance she asked me to die. "
"the orange one drank my elixher "
omg hillarious rolling on floor laughing ,you all have to watch the rest there all pretty hillarious

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Katy Perry - The One That Got Away

i know, i know, im sharing way too many songs and i know no one likes when i do this cus you can look at songs on youtube but watevs iv run out of things to say (ok i havent there just too long to write down) :) cus there are a few experiances that i have still to right like my little trip the shopping centre in the middle of nowhere with really creepy people and an underground that could litterallz break down or mallfunction any minute but later on that ...... :P


Sooo today i was watching t.v (sorry haven't written in a while but been kinda busy) So watching t.v and mz mum shoves a pack of sardines in my face saying look at this! look at this! o copletly freaked out cus there where dead fish right infront of mz face and started shouting eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwww leave me allllllloooooooooooooonnnneeeeeeeee!! and then shes like look at it closer and i looked at the box and it said sardines en chocolat au lait :P but the sardine look seriously real... and so does the packaging ...anyway i ate one and mmmmmmmm they are real chocolate after all .:D but seriously its funnyyy

Rihanna - We Found Love ft. Calvin Harris

my new love, i heard this song like billions of times while shopping it seemed like which ever shop i went to this would be on. :)

Monday, 7 November 2011


Today is monday DUN DUn Dun Dun........ (that was supposed to be a dramatic thing)
anyway so where back to school after a week of halfterm holliday and it already started of pretty crap.
i got a locker and i cant open it :S well everyone who got a locker cant open it ... itt sucks i whant to put my things in......and i just realised i have a history test todayi kinda studied but i also realised i have an arthistory exam which i totally forogot about..... and now i have a double free period because i finished everything in I.T
also if you know any good experiments concernig heat for pysics it would be appreaciated as i alwas supposed to come up with one for today. as you can see i generally forgot school existed this holliday and i am totally not prepared .......

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Quite dieing on ME!

So yet again my jeans have died and i swear this is becoming a bit of a pattern and i seriously think i should become like one of my class mates who never wears trousers only skirts.
So im pretty pissed now adays anything i by seems to break or get ruined pretty soon i bought a jumper 2 months ago i wore it 3 x and it already has like 6 holes in it and im pissed.
I dont get why they lowered the quality of clothes and shoes it might be cheaper but if you think about it 1 fake converse is around 4000ft in deichman now a fake converse last around half a year. So every half year 1 fake converse. A real converse can last for ages if you take care of it so ading up it might be cheaper to actually buy the expensive thing and make it last forever then buying a new thing every half year which in the end will be much expensive in the end. So its worth to pay for quality
that is why im saving up for emus or uggs. then going to deichman and buying 5x cheaper but it wont have real sheep wool in it and it will die in 2 months
ok ill probs cave in cus itll take a while to save for a 400 euro shoe....
but ill get back to you with that


so as you probably see i'm going through the twilight saga pretty quickly. I'm pretty surprised at  myself as well.  It does waste a lot of time. but  at least i read it on the public transport so i'm not bored there. but it gets in the way of studying like now. . i do have my cousins over but they like to nap. so i have few ours  but i simply cant put down that stupid book. well now im on breaking dawn but watevs. So
eclipse had also weird moments and its always when Jacob and Edwards in a conflict .Ok there was minimal conflict but Jake kissed Bella and Edward didnt really care he was like "if you want to be with him you can." Like WTF ?! he dosn't even put up a fight or get pissed? like now its still like "if you want to be with him you can, but you can also choose both of us "...
again i was like what the hell at least bella had a normal response as well..... and then Bellas like i love Edward but i love Jacob too  . Seriously make up your mind women ! so anyway shes now pregnant with a vampire baby again pretty weird and shes still like i still love jacob but i love Edward  OMG pretty anoying and just kill the damn baby if its killing you ! ok im sorry im getting really worked up about the book and i still have to read on i have no idea where this ibsession came from its like i love anoying myself. so i no probs nones going to read my lovely book report :P but its fun the vent about something online

"Nobody Canna Cross It" Twanging (Refix Video) - Dj Powa

So on thursday i was invited over to a party and it was simply hillarious . besides me there was only one other girl so most of the jokes where pretty guyish but it was still really funny. Anyway while we where playing activity this song well remix of a flood report was our obsseshion and i still cant get it out of my head so enjoy :D

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


i like waves that is why it is my background
i was debating between waves and clouds but waves won


New moon

So anothe update
iv just finshed the second twilight saga book
and i have to say it wasnt as good as the first. i missed Edward and Bellas suffering just bothered me like GEt over him.... and then Edward nearly kills himself and then we discover he actually still loves bella and that he was suffering during there break up as well LIKE WHAT THE HELL! then why why why didnt they just solve it and it would have saved like 200 pages and i wouldnt of had to read 500 pages of bella suffering. ..... kinda anoying but Jacob became a werewolf Yeay :) there cool. but im still going to read the 3. and 4th book cus im an idiot and i already read it once but iv forgotten the plot an because i like the other characters like emmet and alice. I dont actually know why im doing this to myself like i just wasted a whole day reading and im going to do the same tomorow ....weel i wont have that much time luckily......