Friday, 15 July 2011

Review: Harry potter 7 part 2 (warning mini spoilers)

Today i whent to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2, with Dina. I had been exited all day since im a huge Harry Potter book and film fan and i've been waiting to see this finally since the the last book came out so i had high expectations. And Luckily i wasnt dissapointed the film was absoloutly AWSOME. ok they changed some bits and cut some bits out but i know that the film cant be exactly like the book or we'd get bored. But the effects where great as well mostly if you watch it in 3D the Gringots cart ride feels really real. The audience was great as well as everyone seemed to be in a very exited mood. (today was the first day they showed it here)and everyone seemed to become really tense when it looked as it was coming to an end mostly those of us who where waiting if they made the 19years later bit and when it came up a huge sigh of relief passed through the audience. I could also here funny comments in the background during the film like when they said
"your eyes are exactly like your mothers eyes" - could they stop saying that we knoooow his eyes are like his mothers eyes you always say it. and when voldemort died
- eeeeeeew his skins peeling off.

the most awkward part : when voldemort hugged Draco. it was a ??????? moment
the funniest part usually included Ron:
(in the chamber of secrets)
Ron: sssssskshhjvbsssss (parseltongue) (door opens)
Hermione: ?
Ron: Harry talks in his sleep you know haven't you noticed ? 

also a bit i liked is when professor McGonnagle preforms a complex transfiguration charm on the school statues to make them come alive and says "i always wanted to to do that charm " smiling.
I think the part with Snapes memory was also really well done.

Though im really sad its all ended i hope i'll see some of the actors like Rupert Grint and Emma Watson and also others in different films as well.

So i recommend it to everybody. Its an absolute MUST SEE.

Rating out of 10 : 10 :D      

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

How to re-paint your snowboard

today i finally decided to repaint my old snowboard with the help of Dina. So here it is if your interested how its done.

What you need:                                                      also needed for when your painting   :
  • your snowboard (obviously)                                     mask              
  • filing / sandpaper (rough and softer )                        washing up gloves
  • masking tape                                                             protective goggles
  • spray paints in wanted colors                                    an old shirt which can get messy
  • water proof varnish                                                   a big sheet that you can
  •                                                                                   put your board on.

snowboard sanded filed down using a filing machine
  1.  Firstly you need to file down your snowboard with the rough bit of sandpaper so the sparkly varnish on the top comes of so your paint sticks to it better . you don't need to sand it down completely so the design disappears because the paint will cover it. So only sand it down until it becomes rough. after wipe your snowboard  with a cloth.i used a filing machine which made it easier.
bottom masked down
2. We then taped down the edges and the back rim of the board in case the paint goes under neath. After this some people would use a base coat paint on  the board but we didn't find it necessary

board after first layer

3. Then we sprayed on the first layer of white paint which was the main base color of my design. I sprayed it on in three layers waiting for each layer to dry before applying the next one. after each layer your supposed to use the soft sanding paper just a bit to even the paint out and to make it smooth. you need more layers so that the paint covers the previous design .

4.After it dried we calculated the lenght and width of the stripes and lightly drew it on the board using a pencil. After we masking taped down all the bits we didn't need to paint and covered down the rest with news paper so that only the part which was being painted at the point is shown. Its also a good idea to put on two layers of paint on your design as well. When all the paint has dried you can take of the masking tape and apply the waterproof varnish.

update: 2 years on and yes the paint is still on! and its only scratched of at the edges but that was expected.

Monday, 11 July 2011


Ok none of these pictures are artistic or any good i just felt like i should put them up because Brugge is a beautiful city in Belgium ( and they have a lot of chocolate :D )

this is my favorite picture of the houses mirrored in the water

Dear Dina..

please stop using the word random in your blog

i know it is an extremly addictive word but it is becoming a litttlee bit anoying and it has been copyrighted by Moi.

jokes :P you can usee it as much as you want i just couldn't think of anything to write about

Family reunion ....

Yesterday we had a big family reunion that i had been dreading for the past 2 weeks. I mean a load of people coming to my house and most of them i don't even know who they are. Anyway it turned out to be really fun. i found out i have a load of second cousins and 2 of them are around my age so we got on pretty well. we always had to look after the smaller ones who kept on creeping into my room and annoying my kitten and playing with it as if it where a plush toy. They also got me and another one of my cousins to jump on the trampoline while 6 of them sat in the middle which i have to say was pretty tiring. This reunion also inspired me to make a big family tree with pictures and all. well once i'v finished the many projects i started like repainting my snowboard ( DHidas is going to help me this week so youll probably see pictures on both of our blogs) :D

Saturday, 9 July 2011


This is a very old monastery that was built on top of a mountain and they used to use a basket to pull themselves up

                             these pictures where taken in 2008 and this is the Halkidiki beach


I just found a load of photos i took a long time ago from places all around the world and i thought i should put them up for others to see as well. These pictures were taken in 2007 i think in Malta mostly Gozo.