Sunday, 23 August 2015

DIY Envelope Clutch

DIY Envelope Clutch Swellmayde

Made these really cute envelope clutches. I found the pattern on swellmayde. I decided to make mine smaller and also sew a chain on it just in case and of course embroider one of them

DIY collar necklace

DIY Collar necklace - The House that Lars built

So I used the template from here a made a bunch of these cute tie on collars in all sorts of colours and with different types of ribbons to use to tie.
Word of warning if you plan to make it beaded like the one  I made be prepared for hours of beading and lots of beads!
Simple is sometimes better ( I suggest you try out their embroided one it looks really cute)

Sunday, 9 August 2015

How to make a Tulle skirt

As Tulle skirts are back in fashion and I alway have ballerina envy I made a 4 layered tulle skirt and here's how to make it!
*also read instructions first because I made the mistake of not reading one of the instructions i found online and it turned out I did not understand half of what they wrote so I figured out the pattern instead
**material lengths given are optional, depending on the length you wish to have,your waist size and how many layers you wish to make


  • 6 m tulle fabric  (I bought 7m as I wanted a lot of underskirts but didn't end up using it all)
  • 1,5m lining fabric
  • scissors
  • tape measure
  • pins
  • thread (in the colour of your tulle)
  • medium elastic or large 
  • ribbon (optional) and thread in the colour of your ribbon 

1. Start of by first measuring your waist and the length you wish your skirt to be.
mine was: waist:75cm (add a few extra cm depending how gathered you want it) and length 59cm. (Its wise to add an extra 5 cm as it will be used for the elastic)

2. (cut up the material for the different skirt parts, i cut every 1.50m) Fold your material first in half width then length wise

3.With a simple calculation you can work out the radius for your waist line: Waist measurement  divided by (2x3.14) so 75/6.28 =11.94cm rounded up to 12cm (if you want the skirt to be really gathered add a few more cm's to the waist)

4. Now in the corner where the 2 folded edges meet, measure out the radius, use pins to mark the line, to help you could tie a string to a pen to help draw the curve onto the material.

5. Do the same with the outer line, from where your drew the waist line measure out the length of the skirt. all in all from the corner of the fabric I measured 71cm (12cm+59cm)

6. Now cut neatly along the lines to get something like this

7. Repeat from 1 depending on how many layers you want as well as with your inner lining

8. pin all the layers together

9. With a larger stitch, sew the 4 layers together about 1cm from the edge. Once down grab one thread from one side and start pulling to gather the material to your original waist size, if you cut the waste you have more to gather and if you cut it exactly,you can only gather slightly to not make the skirt too small
10. measure your elastic waistband (stretch it out) and then sew the ends together then pin it loosely to the inside of the skirt waist, place it just below the gathered stitch. Sew the bottom of the band first. Remember to stretch it while sewing!
11. Fold over the material above the gathered stitch to hide and stitch it down, while still stretching the material

Tadaaa its done!
Here's how to sew a ribbon on but that is completely optional

How to sew the ribbon:

When picking the ribbon keep in mind how much you want for the bow at the back, it's always easier to make it shorter at the end then chopping it all of earlier. Also bear in mind when attaching it, it will not stretch with the elastic and so make it harder to get into the skirt this is why I only sewed the front half on and left the rest loose

1. fold the ribbon in half to determine the middle then pin it to the front middle of your skirt.

2. Stick another 2 pins on each other sides to show where you want to stop sewing and leave it loose to be able to tie.

3.Sew the top and bottom edges on from either inside or out (I choses outside so i could see if my stitches were nice and straight)

In the end it makes a very cool skirt

Friday, 7 August 2015

Getting over Parks and rec

There's noway of getting over Parks
But I have attempted to do so the same way one would handle a breakup, except this is much worse.
A girlie skype chat about Princess diaries
Lying around the house in pretty dresses
Vogue magazines and hotchocolate
 a makeover to makeone feel better
And chocolate
 None of this has helped.
As one would turn to a t.v series to sumberge their feeligs in after a breakup
It cannot be done with a series
One gets the sense of cheating
And is reminded of that all too fantastic series fron the day before
R.I.P Li'l Sebastian
R.I.P Parks - my loves my life
a T.V loving weirdo

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

project on hold

I have just realized I do not own after effects..The one program I know which can incorporate live action and animation..

so I must wait till uni to do this..

at least I had a fun day filming..

New projects to come up with then..

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

New Project!

Well hello Internet Void!

A new project is taking place (in my mind, in life, everywhere) Where I will not only reboot JamJellyism but also let me learn photoshop, Flash and Premier pro. So not a small video I am attempting to do but it's all in the name of learning!

Might take me a few months, being quite busy from now on with helping to organise a filmfestival and just summer things but of course

always update this blog on how things are going

(mostly for me so I can look back for later reference)

So filming was done today! now to editing and then storyboarding the animation!

Until then, here's a really bad random sketch of Piper Mclean from Heroes of Olympus (still can't get over it...)

Holy fudge guys

In ONE HOUR? I mean i know this blog is good but not that good. slightly scared an identity theft is taking place but then again nah, no important crap here

but anyway coolios that all the DIY is being visited. More will be up