Sunday, 2 October 2011

THeres a HAND in the PUNCH !(for the halloween party)

This is a Pretty cool drink. You can do this with anykind of drink as long as its red. I mixed a Lemon drink like Sprite with redcurrent.
1.You need Rubber gloves turn it inside out cus they have that powdery stuff in the inside(please dont use an old used rubber glove)

2.fill it with water the tie a not on the end so it dosnt spillout .

3.then place it in the freezer for a few days (till the party).

4.on the day of the party make the drink in a big bowl then take the rubber glove of and you will have an icscube shaped like a hand floating in a drink that looks like blood.

It was a really big hit and every one loved the idea :)the pictures arent that good.
The fingersss

and the hand (it looks better in real life)

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