Wednesday, 14 December 2016

unrelated - Aleppo

Aleppo man.

This is mental I cannot believe that something like this can still happen in the thing we call the "modern world". All western countries pretending as if they care for humanity. Yet what is being done?
Ever since being in Model United Nations I could see that it doesn't work, all these great gestures of humaritarian aid on paper are great.

but it's not enough. We all need to do something. we cannot sit here and just watch. We might seem like small influential citizens how don't have much of a say into politics but we do.

call your local MP.
it's frustrating that we are apart of this whole bureaucracy and other than actually going to Aleppo to help and put yourself in danger.
So what we can do now is spread the word, stand up, protest and call your MP to voice your concern.
its not much
but it's better than nothing.

I say this while siting in bed editing an essay that will mean nothing in the greater reality of the world. hypocritical yes. but i will be phoning and signing petitions in the hope that the UK gov will change their mind.

Hope they will finally act like this "great" nation they say they are. And not act on personal interest when hundreds are in danger.

stay safe


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